Fringe Benefits Tax

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  • Fringe Benefit Tax Case Study

    Answer to Question No. 1 (a) Fringe benefit refers to the benefit that is provided toan employee or an associate of the employee by the employer or associate of an employer in any given year in respect of the employment of the employee. It refers to any benefit that is provided over and above the salary of an employee. Benefit refers to anything that is provided to the employee by the employer which he would actually have to incur himself if the benefit was not provided by the employer. It aims at levying tax on the benefits that cannot be availed by the employee or an associate of employee but cannot be converted into cash. All the benefits that are provided are in respect of the employment of the employee. An employer can either be a former…

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  • Fringe Benefits

    Employees (Fringe) Benefits Fringe benefits are the additional reward given to employees some based on parameters like quality of service, overtime work or to all general workers. Most employers provide fringe benefits to their employees and help to build a better understanding and boost the relationship between the employer and employee. Life insurance offers, retirement plans, child care, leaves offers and leaves pay, and discounts are some of the benefits offered. These benefits may help an…

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  • Employer Insurance Benefits

    Employers in the United States provide compensation to workers who carry-out duties that benefit a business. Compensation is made up of wages and fringe benefits. Fringe benefits consist of health insurance and retirement benefits. Historically, employers and employees split the cost share of employer sponsored health insurance. Employers, often with the heavier burden, offer health insurance benefits to their employees at a pre-taxed amount. Employers have a vested interest in keeping a…

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  • Human Resource Management: How Does A Wage Differ From Wages?

    It is important to the managers because it helps them stay organized and explain to the employees what to do. Employees want to know what they are getting into before they start working, so having a job description is very important to them. It allows everyone to stay on the same page and not be confused about what to do. Overall, it can limit the amount of questions asked by new employees and make them feel more comfortable while working. 7. Would you prefer to have a higher wage without…

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  • The Results Of Air Permeability, Total Water Absorption, And Mortars

    geopolymerization reactions. The workability and the mechanical properties of the geopolymer mortars decreased as the WTS content in the binder increased. The compressive strengths in all curing ages were higher than the minimum required for several types of building components. All of the mortars increased the mechanical properties with time, indicative of continuous reactions. The mortars with geopolymer binders with WTS showed larger voids and lower capillary suction when compared to…

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  • Compensation Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: Benefits are over and above wages and salaries offering provided to employees as part of compensation. They can be called as fringe benefits, perquisites, non-financial benefits, and soft benefits. These have been offered since colonial times, but gained popularity during the World War. The government used it to attract people to join armed forces. Ever since then benefits have become integral part of compensation and have been used as a recruiting, retaining strategy for…

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  • Bed And Breakfast Company Case

    Diminishing value method is as follow: Base value × (days held/365) × (200%/asset’s effective life) Base Value Days held/365 200%/ asset’s effective life Depreciation In percentage 3000 (192/365) (200%/7) 451 28.57% 2549 (365/365) (200%/7) 728 28.57% 1821 (365/365) (200%/7) 520 28.57% 1301 (365/365) (200%/7) 372 28.57% 929 (365/365) (200%/7) 265 28.57% 265 (365/365) (200%/7) 76 28.57% 76 (365/365) (200%/7) 22 28.57% If jack and Jill prefer to calculate the business asset in accordance to…

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  • The Importance Of Employee Benefits

    As the job market continues to climb, employers are faced with a job seeker 's market. This means that candidates with desirable work experience are able to be more selective than they were in years prior. Companies interested in courting candidates with phenomenal skill sets have to offer competitive compensation packages. Today, the importance of employee benefits is higher than ever before, as indicated in a recent Glassdoor study reporting 57 percent of respondents agreeing that benefits and…

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  • Sports And Sports: The Importance Of Sports

    Another personal benefit is children learn how to handle adversity. Young athletes learn about the feeling after a lost or making a bad play. Although, this could feel horrible athletes need to learn how to overcome this feeling so that it doesn’t come again. As the prominent coach Vince Lombardi puts it, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” This is a great quote by one of the most famous football coaches ever, he agrees that you will fail sometimes but you have to…

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  • New Mexico Case Study

    CENTER, INC., Defendant-Appellant. No. 10847.Oct. 27, 1976. Appeal was taken from an order of the District Court, Bernalillo County, Richard B. Traub, D.J., reversing a decision of the Unemployment Security Commission and awarding benefits to discharged employee. The Supreme Court, Sosa, J., held that employee’s insubordination, improper attire, name calling and other conduct evidencing wilful disregard of employer’s interests constituted ‘misconduct’ disqualifying her from receiving certain…

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