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  • Frodo Baggins Lord Of The Rings Character Analysis

    could nominate anyone--real or made-up--to be my role model, I would choose Frodo Baggins. Frodo is the main character in Lord of the Rings; he’s a creature that is similar to a human: a hobbit (a short humanlike creature with extremely large and hairy feet.) The first reason I would choose Frodo to be my mentor is be because he is lighthearted and optimistic; in other words, Frodo Baggins is extremely kind. He sees beyond Gollum 's outer appearance--which most people would find provocative--and sees an opportunity to show someone kindness. Frodo agrees to let poor old Gollum tag along with him. Frodo’s optimistic ways were present when Sam said, “I’m not gonna lose you Mr. Frodo,” and Frodo replied, “I know Sam,” because Frodo knows Sam will always have his back. Frodo is also extremely affable, which explains how those who accompanied him seemed to adore him and care for him as much as they did. At the end of the movie, right after Frodo…

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  • What Is The Imagery In The Fellowship Of The Rings

    The FellowShip of the Ring The resolution of one this book serves as the rising action of the second.“It 's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don 't keep your feet, there 's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - J.R.R Tolkien Tolkien, a man who shaped so many lives, his story gave so many people meaning, passion and love. He alone created a world for us few who choose to escape to it. Tolkien 's writing is as deep as the world he…

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  • The Role Of Responsibility In The Hobbit

    be rare to come by. Someone will always be affected by another's or even their own responsibility. Frodo Baggins is faced with a burden of responsibility for protecting the ring from everyone, following through with the journey to Mordor ensuring destruction of the ring. Frodo inherits the ring from Bilbo Baggins his uncle and warned by Gandalf the Grey that the ring must be kept safe. In order to keep the ring from falling into the wrong hands, Frodo must conceal that he has the ring from…

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  • The Lord Of The Rings: An Analysis

    Aragorn and company attempt to track down Merry and Pippin when Gandalf appears to them, now as Gandalf the White for he has now become the chief of wizards, surpassing Saruman, who is working with the Orcs to steal the the Ring and use it for evil. After freeing Theoden, the current king of Rohan, from magic used to compel him to Saruman’s will, the group wages war against the Orcs. Gandalf goes to seek help from Treebeard in their war against the Orcs. The protagonists win and Gandalf strips…

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  • Frodo's Epiphany

    Nevertheless, the ideal way to characterize Hobbits comes from Frodo’s cousin, Bilbo Baggins. While Bilbo is writing his book, he illustrates the life of Hobbits as creatures who prefer a harmonious life. For instance, Bilbo writes, “Hobbits must seem of little importance, being neither renowned as great warriors, nor counted among the very wise, but where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet” (Fellowship of the Ring). In other words, Hobbits do not yearn for adventure or glory. In fact,…

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  • 'Burden Of Responsibility In The Fellowship Of The Ring'

    are shouldered with a burden of responsibility is depicted through the protagonists in the film. In the beginning of the film when Frodo Baggins is first introduced to the Ring of power, it’s evil scared him, and he tried to get rid of the Ring, through that he witnessed the amount of power the Ring held. Because it’s power was something that he had never experienced, the Ring…

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  • The Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings Comparison

    The main character, Frodo, is a young hobbit dealt the burden of destroying the One Ring. The innocence of Frodo is best put into words by Schaefer (2012) "Frodo Baggins, as introduced in the Fellowship, is a wide-eyed, and good-hearted hobbit who demonstrates immense courage in the face of overwhelming danger." (Schaefer) Through his awful ordeal Frodo shows amazing resistance to the evil that permeates the ring. From the beginning of the first book, when Frodo inherits the ring from Bilbo, to…

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  • The Role Of Frodo In Fellowship Of The Ring

    the Ring, Frodo is given the task of guarding the Ring of Rulers. His first mission was to reach Rivendell, the elfin city. Along the way, Sam, Merry, and Pippin in the Shire, and Aragorn (otherwise known as Strider) in Bree joined him. On their journey, they have had to evade the Black Riders who are supernatural servants of Sauron, the dark lord. When in Bree, Frodo encountered his uncle Bilbo and the wizard Gandalf for the first time in several years. A council was held to decide the fate of…

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  • Fellowship Of The Ring

    He is Frodo’s gardener and one of his best friends. Sam is loyal to no end, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Frodo. When Frodo wanted to leave the Fellowship Sam refused to let him leave, “Coming, Mr. Frodo! Coming!... Oh, Mr. Frodo that’s hard… trying to go without me and all… all alone and without me to help you? I couldn’t have borne it, it’d been the death of me.” (2.10.456-457), he wants to help Frodo in any way he can even if it means his death. He may seem a bit dull-witted, but is…

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  • Destiney Analysis

    incentives for their decisions, actions, and endeavors. Similarly, Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit from the Shire, undertook the perilous quest as a ring-bearer in order to “defend [his] country” from destruction. Even faced with continuous trials, he “kept going because [he was] holding on to” the love for his friends and the “good [of] this world” that he did not dare to surrender. Throughout the plot, the timely interplays of theme songs, such as of the Shire, heightened the viewer’s awareness…

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