Frontotemporal lobar degeneration

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  • Memory Growth And Development Essay

    heart becoming less efficient. Physiological age-related changes affect all the systems including the decrease in the cardiac output; which affects blood pressure and as a result may cause a build-up of fats in the arteries. The expected gradual changes differ in the IDD population from most others, especially in individuals with Down syndrome (DS). As this population ages, providers report a greater risk for psychiatric disorders such as dementia syndrome; which still remains a comparatively unstudied field. According to Dr. Besdine, individuals with DS do experience early aging traits called Progeria; which causes early death and degenerative bone disease. Life expectancy is short and autopsy of the brain reveals “the same type of degeneration that is seen in people with Alzheimer disease”. “The relationship between DS, AD, and accelerated aging is explained by the genetic changes in protein expression. DS is a genetic disorder that occurs due to an extra copy (or partial copy) of chromosome 21. The abnormal cell division results in abnormalities in physical and developmental features due to extra DNA. The extra DNA on chromosome 21 leads to overexpression of amyloid precursor protein, which is broken down (cleaved sequentially by β- and γ-secretases to release Aβ) to form senile plaques in the brains of persons with AD and DS. The additional DNA is also believed to explain the body 's rapid aging process (accelerated aging) due to overexpression of various proteins…

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  • Dementia Population Report

    medical issues, non-music therapy treatment trends, and current effective therapeutic interventions regarding this type of population. It is understood that dementia is an umbrella term which encompasses a large variety of diseases, therefore the objective of this report will be to describe dementia in a broad sense. Demographics, Characteristics, & Challenges According to the Dementia Society of America (DSA), dementia is a term used to describe a variety of symptoms caused by various…

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  • Call From Mom Analysis

    in retrospect, the path is very clear.” Neither of them mentions that he dropped out of college once and graduate school twice. That’s probably all for the best, since, while far from a tragedy, he remembers it as a pretty dark time. Not, however, that she has avoided dark times. Her story is more of the classical inspirational kind, since she has met blindness face on. She says, “You might remember when your dad got sick that I didn’t tell anyone I was having trouble reading. And after he…

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