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  • Fuck Tha Police History

    One of the most notorious and unapologetic groups in n rap of the 1980s, N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitude), helped to redefine rap as something that could be intelligent, transformative, and socially aware. You can hear the influences of satire, funk, and realism in their lyrics as well as the impact of artists like Public Enemy, Prince, and RUN DMC. One of their most iconic songs, ‘Fuck Tha’ Police’ was listed on Rolling Stone 's: Greatest Songs of All Time, but it goes much deeper than that. I would argue that ‘Fuck Tha’ Police’ was one of the most politically essential songs of the 1980s and one of few songs to have stood the test of time, demonstrating its relevance nearly 30 years later. It helped to shape the direction in which rap of the…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Songs Analysis

    This song talks about the speaker who is abused by her boyfriend but she stands by him because she loves him. This is similar to when we find out that Mayella was abused by her father but still loves him because well, it’s her father. They both show unhealthy relationships and how bad things can be at home. The mood in both of this song and the book is desperate. They are both desperate for love and will do anything to stay by their family/man. This is in chapter 17. • “F*** Tha Police” by the…

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  • The Importance Of Pre-Parenthood

    been content with reading your whole life and have always wanted the things you have now and are, as you have always been, a very fulfilled person, and my existential angst is entirely foreign to you. I laugh awkwardly when we are talking in order to avoid crying because really the issues we discuss, i.e. the (inescapable?) futility of life, are not funny topics. They are quite morbid and I don’t quite know how to escape that overwhelming and persistent feeling of dread without pushing my…

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  • Creative Writing: What Do I Think, Goo Man

    this world: six pairs of black boot socks, six green skivvy shirts with my name stamped on the back collar, six tighty-whitey pairs of underwear with my name stamped on the front, three sets of tri-color camouflage utilities. We do not have a flashlight, we have a moonbeam. We do not have pens, we have ink sticks. I stand on a deck, not a floor. My cover goes atop my brain housing group. In the field, I wear a brain bucket. No cover is worn unless on duty or outside: a cover is always worn…

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  • The Success Of A Personal Flight Device

    She had dropped out of high school a couple weeks after her 18th birthday and was rooming with a friend. I told about the increasing success of my PFDs. “What’s a PFD?” “It’s a Personal Flight Device.” “Like an airplane?” “No, no..it’s like a jetpack.” “Wow.” “Yeah.” I shrugged at her underwhelming response. She took a sip of her water. After a couple dead end topics, I decided it was time to call it a night. She lived in the trailer park down the street from me, so before…

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  • A Review Of The Danish Girl Argumentative Essay

    Good we are too. Whatever else you do. Don 't do sitcoms. " Haha! This show though isn 't even a fucking comedy. What the writers believe to be funny is actually just fucked up. I guess Yanis being burning alive because of Kev is supposed to be funny. This is a full blown drama show but they want to call it a comedy as well, haha. Eh, I don 't know. On this YouTube page Domo and Crissy, the girl Domo told a story on how this girl 's vagina was dirty and rank as fuck when she gave her…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Catcher In The Rye

    He wants to protect those who are innocent and preserve their innocence. (Pg 206) “You can’t take anything. Because you’re not going. I’m going alone.” In his dream job he’s the only one who can save the kids that are about to run over the cliff. Going over the cliff represents his or her transition into the adult world of “phoniness” and Holden would be the one who stops that. Though Holden knows that being the “catcher in the rye” is something that that will never happen (Pg 173) “I know it’s…

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  • The Movie ' Fuck '

    Fuck. He was gone again, and it was getting to be too much, these separations. It had always been like this for them, and being fiercely independent she had always been able to shrug it off and keep busy until his return. However, lately she 'd been growing increasingly needy for him. Frowning, she hugged her arms around herself as she snuggled into their bed and thought about how their relationship had progressed. They had started off as friends, both enjoying joking and teasing each other.…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Social Commentary Essay

    kids would see it, and how they’d wonder what they hell it meant … and even worry about it for a couple of days” (260). Holden wishes he could kill the person who had the audacity to draw such preposterous words on a wall that countless children pass by every day. Holden, on his way out of the school, passes through a different staircase and sees a different “Fuck you” written on the wall. His desire to be a savior for the children is shown again as he goes to rub this second profanity off, but…

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  • Shameless Love

    Wow! What the fuck…in no way, shape, or form was that sex scene funny that bitch is straight up stupid. Honestly, regardless of my dislike of Ian I still felt his pain while he was doing that. I wonder if he orgasmed? He didn’t even use a condom from my view point. Dumbass. I feel that realistically he would’ve stopped considering after having her rotten vagina (apparently) in his face he already would’ve been like “Nope. Nope. Done.” But nahh the writer wanted the show to go on. I agree with…

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