Lord Of The Rings Significance

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The Lord of the Rings is an epic trilogy that leads the viewer through mystical lands and intense gore filed battles. Lord of the Rings is a series of novels by J.R.R Tolkien that was made into three films and effectively created one of the most loyal fan bases. The Lord of the Rings is a movie franchise that has not only been shown throughout many age groups but also has made impacts on the film industry entirely. These films will go down in history as one of the greatest films of the 21st century.
The Lord of the Rings first movie: The Fellowship of the Ring follows a young hobbit who is given the task of taking a mystical the Ring with unknown power to Mount Doom, the only place it can be destroyed, so that it may never fall into the wrong
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The LOTR Fandom has numerous parts and people in it who go by different terms. A true fan of Lord of the Rings is known as a Ringer and is the equivalent to a fanboy. A Tolkienist is someone who studies and analyzes the works of Tolkien and often are those who study the Elvish language spoken in the movies. The Elvish language was an entirely new language created for the book series. The fandom all began in the 1960’s when the prequel book The Hobbit began to surface at colleges across the US. This came about right when the US was going into the Vietnam war and many students believed the book was painting Sauron as the United States military. However, this is incorrect because Tolkien was actually a veteran and served in the military during World War I.(FandomWiki) The fandom has survived 50 strong years and has even continued to show immense love and support for The Hobbit which has also been made into a series of …show more content…
The Lord of the the Rings was not only a success in the box office but also in the technological department. With immense displays for beautiful scenery and a captivating soundtrack the movie is a work of art and beautifully crafted. The Lord of the Rings films are often put right up with Star Wars as one of the best series ever filmed. With beautiful craftsmanship by director Peter Jackson who is from New Zealand as well as the creator of MASSIVE, the software system used in the films.(Biography Editors) With an enormous fan base, incredible technology and beautiful craftsmanship all mixed together into one film you have The Lord of the

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