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  • Power And Corruption In The Lord Of The Rings

    fantasy to become more then their distinct purpose and assessment. The depiction of evil is to do well of any coast, the purpose is clear in the lord of the ring considering the objective is evil. The matter of the situation is one that will do anything even if it may affect others. This tale describe the immorality of good being corrupted in a very complex matter which some in the tale would settle for the lesser evil. The ring of power was meant for great evil and can overwhelming its holder in to madness, because it looks for a deep dark desirer in many that intended to do good, but often fall sort of its tests. Others can be blinded due to the influence of power and the environment they think they control with self-interest. Gandalf and Galadriel seem to have great resistance for the power in this ring. Often in the tale they are tempted and almost falling into corruption. The author establishes a point of strengthen in resisting temptation in their darkest hour. Only few know their limitation when it comes to corruption and desirer in the fineness hour. Tolkien show with resistance of overcoming the darkness inside one heart. The matter of this situation is one that tempted by evil to do anything for victory may affect others environment. The purpose of the tale is to test strengthen and mind of many with a purpose and assessment that is tempted by an unknown ability. He shows a fantasy world with no limit can be corrupted with little help of doing…

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  • The Role Of Responsibility In The Hobbit

    ring. This is such a great responsibility because,if the ring is lost then everything that he had set out to do would be lost as well. When the Fellowship is created Frodo is known to be the group leader because he’s the one in possession of the ring. His task of the journey is to ensure the brotherhood can corporate and function well in order of safe keeping of the ring. This is a responsibility that Frodo is unsure of what he needs to do and knows in himself that the only reason he is…

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  • Dramatic Monologue Essay

    Dearest Bilbo, How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying living in. Overall I am doing fine, however much has changed since I last wrote to you. Where to begin? I suppose I will start where I left off in the last letter. Lady Galadriel presented us each with a parting gift. For Aragorn,she gave a sheath etched with flowers and leaves of silver and gold, as well as a silver brooch called the Elfstone that once belonged to Celebrían. Both Merry and Pippin received “silver belts, each with a…

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  • Female Characters In J. R. Tolkien's Literature

    works are independent, resilient, and imperative to the central plots of each novel. J.R.R. Tolkien’s characters Lúthien, Galadriel, Arwen, and Éowyn are good examples of strong females. Tolkien heavily influenced his characters with old Germanic and Norse mythology, and Catholicism backgrounds. If one takes into account these mythologies and Tolkien’s background, his women characters embody qualities of resilience, wisdom, independence, and knowledge. These women have made sacrifices to the…

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  • Tom Bombadil In Lord Of The Flies

    Tom Bombadil placed the magic ring on his finger; everyone waited for him to disappear, but nothing happened, and he handed the ring back to Frodo without a slight hesitation. Frodo offered Galadriel the ring and she grew into a horrible creature towering over Frodo, but fought the ring’s strong temptation, and finally decreasing back to her normal self and declined the powerful ring. Both Bombadil and Galadriel, in The Lord of the Rings, are examples of powerful, higher-power creatures living a…

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  • The Keystone XL Pipeline In The Lord Of The Rings

    Tom Bombadil was a character portrayed as both a god-like figure, and a man who deeply cared for the Earth. Lady Galadriel is another character in The Lord of the Rings that also possesses god-like characteristics while simultaneously living a sustainable life. Both Tom and Galadriel are examples of powerful creatures living a balanced life, therefore portraying Tolkien’s respect for nature and strong spirituality. Religion was a very important part of Tolkien’s life. He was a Christian and…

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  • Fellowship Of The Ring Research Paper

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the first movie in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings. It is based on the book series by the same title written by J.R.R. Tolkein. The movie follows Frodo, and his fellowship party, as they set out on a quest to destroy the ring. The ring is evil, and must be destroyed or the fate of Middle Earth could be in danger. This movie’s music takes the audience to another time and place. It takes the viewer’s on a journey to Middle Earth, and captures…

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  • Gawain's Temptation

    The castle and Lady of the castle in the third book of the poem and Lothlorien and Lady Galadriel also portray temptation. The castle is a “courteous and Christian hall” at which Gawain feels at ease and at home even though he knows that he will most likely meet his demise in a few days during his confrontation with the Green Knight. Similarly, Lothlorien is welcoming to the Fellowship and allows them to rest at their leisure before starting towards Mordor to destroy the Ring- a task in which…

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  • Lord Of The Rings Monomyth Analysis

    While Gandalf then disappears out of the main quest he is still invaluable in the defense of Helm 's Deep, Gondor, and in the eventual battle before the Black Gate. Without Gandalf’s aid it can be said without doubt that the the quest would have failed. The elf queen Galadriel is another supernatural aid that is vital in the quest. After the fellowship has just come from the Mines of Moria where they lost Gandalf they go to Lothlorien where Galadriel reigns. She gives the fellowship advice,…

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  • 'Burden Of Responsibility In The Fellowship Of The Ring'

    with a burden of responsibility is depicted through the protagonists in the film. In the beginning of the film when Frodo Baggins is first introduced to the Ring of power, it’s evil scared him, and he tried to get rid of the Ring, through that he witnessed the amount of power the Ring held. Because it’s power was something that he had never experienced, the Ring intimidated Frodo. Sauron’s Ring carried with it an intense burden, one Frodo had no desire to carry. Because of this fear that…

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