Gallic acid

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  • Determinations Of Calibration And Determination Of Crude Protein

    The column temperature was maintained at 36°C and 212 the detection source was ESI+ (electrospray ionisation). The solvents Eluent A2 (100 mL eluent A 213 concentrate [6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate + acetonitrile] and 900 mL 214 distilled water) and Eluent B (acetonitrile) were used. The MS analysis was done using a Waters 215 ACQUITY Tandem Triple Quadrupole Spectrometer (Waters Corporation, Massachusetts, USA) 216 with capillary voltage set at 3.5 kV and 15 V for cone voltage. The source and desolvation 217 temperatures were set at 120 and 350°C, and desolvation and cone gases at 350 and 50 L/h, 218 respectively. Tryptophan, glutamine and asparagine were not determined out of the twenty naturally 219 occurring amino acids. Page 7 of 28 Journal of Food Processing and Preservation Extraction of 220 Phenolic Compounds 221 A slightly modified method of Wang et al. (2013) was used for extraction of free and bound 222 phenolics. For free phenolic compounds, 1 ± 0.001 g of the roasted maize flour was weighed into a 223 glass vial, 15 mL of 60% chilled aqueous acetone added and sonicated for 10 min at 20°C in the…

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  • Julius Caesar And Xenophon Comparison

    Caesar and Xenaphon have many similarities as authors, but they make use of different styles to achieve their goals. Caesars account of The Gallic Wars and Xenophon’s Anabasis are both about the respective author’s heroic military adventures. Both were written to win the hearts of readers and give the author credibility after political backlash. However, since Caesar and Xenophon are from different cultures, in different situations, and have different end games. Because of this, the authors use…

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  • Julius Caesar Tragic Hero Analysis

    “Farewell, good strato. Caesar now be still: I killed not thee with half so good a will” (5.5.78). “Julius Caesar” is a historic Roman story about the genius scheme Marcus Brutus conspires against Caesar. Brutus conspires to kill Julius Caesar and deals with the consequences in a rather brutal way. Brutus is the definition of a tragic hero and demonstrates the qualities a tragic hero needs. A tragic hero is a character that makes a decision that leads to their fate.The characters actions often…

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  • Comparison Of Caesar And Brutus In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

    The first sentence of the paragraph is describing the nature of the surrounding countryside of a plain in central France, using fancy terminology and descriptive language such as “buttressed by purplish mountains on the east, the rolling hill country of central France is both beautiful and strategic.” The author seems to be trying to set up something bigger, and I feel like something of a greater nature is going to come up. Judging by the way that it is worded and the implication of the word…

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  • Essay On Julius Caesar Gallic Wars

    military victory takes part in exercises and acts that when assessed and looked into by the ethicists of modern times, might be considered genocide in modern definition. However, with this an important question arises, did these civilizations and societies considered these acts of war and genocides as a good things or contradicted to it, like the present time? It is observed that with the passing year, people have become peace-lovers more, rather than having an opinion that war is the solution…

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  • How Did Julius Caesar Use Mission Command

    Throughout time constant communication was key to winning battles, especially in today’s modern military. Every commander must know what goes on, when, where and how constantly in order to effectively control their units. However, constant communication is never certain, and it is up every subordinate to be prepared to make on decisions on the spot in the mission. The United States army currently uses Mission Command, which is defined by ADRP 6-0 as the “exercise of authority and direction by…

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  • Baking Coconut Acid

    and for you to get rid of bad breathe, white spots, and even tooth decay, follow this method for a minimum of twice a week. 7. Baking soda with strawberry. Baking soda is a natural teeth whitening agent and strawberry has a vitamin c content that helps in removing white spots on teeth. Strawberry also removes cavities and other stains in your teeth. You need to mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 fresh flashes of ripe strawberry pulps to make it into a fine paste. Wet your brush and dip it…

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  • Antioxidant Analysis Essay

    Phenolic compounds found in the vegetables are simpler form than found in roots or leaves. Most common assay being used to determine the total phenolic content by using Folin reagent. This reagent is not detecting the exact phenolic groups contained in the extract. Total phenolic content in this assay is determined by measuring the discoloration of blue colored complex alkaline of Folin reagent using a spectrophotometer and the reading is expressed as gallic acid…

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  • Analysis Of Apricot

    Samples were grinded to powder and passed through 0.5mm sieve. Sample were defatted and crude protein was estimated (Awan & Rahman, 2006) to determine the sample quantity taken for amino acid analysis. Diluted hydrochloric acid was used for Free amino extraction. Nitrogenous macromolecules that were co-extracted were precipitated using sulfosalicylic acid and removed by filtration. A mixture of performic acid and phenol was used for Oxidation at 0°C. Hydrolysates of the sample were then adjusted…

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  • Synthesis Of Pb Film

    zeolite-like structure is well known as the prototype of a number of polynuclear transition-metal hexacyanometalates with the formula, Fe4Ⅲ[FeⅡ(CN)6]3 [1,2]. It exhibits electrochemical [3–5], electrochromic [6–8], photophysical [9,10], and magnetic properties [11,12]. In particular, the electrocatalytic property among these special properties enables the potential analytical application of electrochemical sensor using the PB-modified electrode [13,14]. The reduced form of PB is prussian white…

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