Julius Caesar And Xenophon Comparison

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Caesar and Xenaphon have many similarities as authors, but they make use of different styles to achieve their goals. Caesars account of The Gallic Wars and Xenophon’s Anabasis are both about the respective author’s heroic military adventures. Both were written to win the hearts of readers and give the author credibility after political backlash. However, since Caesar and Xenophon are from different cultures, in different situations, and have different end games. Because of this, the authors use different narrative styles to tell their story and different methods to make themselves look as heroic as possible. Both narratives are written in simple language, but for slightly different reasons. Xenophon wrote his simply, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible, as accessible as possible to the general public. He had to convince as many people as possible that he was worthy of being let back into Athens. So he wrote in plain terms, but still made it entertaining. No one would read it if it wasn’t at least slightly interesting, so …show more content…
To avoid looking too self-important both authors use the third person in their writing. Both, however, make their literature counterpart heroic in different ways. Xenophon, as an exiled traitor, must rise through the ranks by proving how competent he is. He devises clever tactical plans and rallies the soldiers with impassioned speeches. Xenophon the character is charismatic, smart, and most of all heroic. “First I went to war with the Thracians, and for the sake of Greece I inflicted punishment upon them with your aid, driving them out of the Chersonese when they wanted to deprive the Greeks who dwelt there of their land” (1.3.3) . He makes a point to say and show how brave he is on the battlefield, since no traitor would be so tough and so willing to die as a

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