The Keystone XL Pipeline In The Lord Of The Rings

Tom Bombadil was a character portrayed as both a god-like figure, and a man who deeply cared for the Earth. Lady Galadriel is another character in The Lord of the Rings that also possesses god-like characteristics while simultaneously living a sustainable life.
Both Tom and Galadriel are examples of powerful creatures living a balanced life, therefore portraying Tolkien’s respect for nature and strong spirituality. Religion was a very important part of Tolkien’s life. He was a Christian and religions allegory appears in much of his writing. Tolkien was against many of the modern technologies and the importance of enjoying nature was also appeared in his writings. Sustainability is the key to balance, and it is not achievable when people think
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In the modern day, too many people are fighting for ownership of land, and forget to appreciate the simple beauty of the land. These are not sustainable types of actions. One controversial topic that seems to demonstrate this concept is the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone is an unsustainable infrastructure, and citizens and the pipeline company fight over the land. Contrarily
The Keystone XL Pipeline is used to transport tar sands from Alberta Canada, to the eastern costal region of Texas. Much of the pipeline has already been constructed, but there is one more phase of TransCanada’s project that has been proposed but hasn’t been passed by the government. Phase 4 will stretch 1179 miles from Alberta Canada, to Steele City Nebraska.
The pipeline is a step in the wrong direction. The pipeline will harm people, the wilderness, and the climate. The pipeline will be transporting crude oil, known as one of the dirtiest oils. The pipeline also crosses over the Mississippi river, the Ogallala Aquifer, Yellowstone, and stretches through six states. Deforestation is another unsustainable action, which will occure. Tar sands are found in the Boreal forests, Alberta. The forest is destroyed to extract the oil. Wastewater and pollution are a couple more examples of the consequences we will have to deal

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