Tom Bombadil Character Analysis

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Tom Bombadil was a character portrayed as both a god-like figure, and a man who deeply cared for the Earth. Lady Galadriel is another character in The Lord of the Rings that also possesses god-like characteristics while simultaneously living a sustainable life.
Both Tom and Galadriel are examples of powerful creatures living a balanced life, therefore portraying Tolkien’s respect for nature and strong spirituality. Religion was a very important part of Tolkien’s life. He was a Christian and religions allegory appears in much of his writing. Tolkien was against many of the modern technologies and the importance of enjoying nature was also appeared in his writings. Sustainability is the key to balance, and it is not achievable when people think they can own nature and forget to appreciate the beauty in nature. A current example of unsustainable human decisions is
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Tom lived with his wife Goldberry, and they provide Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin, a place to stay the night. During the evening, Frodo asked Goldberry who Tom Bombadil was. She replied that Tom was the master of the forest, the rivers, and everything living, but that the land was not Tom’s property. Tom had no fears; he lived in his won little world, oblivious to the world outside his own. Tom had no interest in possession or domination . Earlier that day, the four hobbits encountered Old Man Willow. They group had stopped by a willow for a break, when the willow suddenly became alive. The old willow had trapped Merry and Pippin in his trunk. Nothing the Hobbits tried, stopped the willow and only made him angrier. Frodo’s cry for help was answered by Tom Bombadil. Tom was accustoming to Old Man Willow’s work. Tom started singing to Old Man Willow to let Merry and Pippin go, and Old Man Willow released the two hobbits immediately. Tom’s singing was his humane weapon, which he used to protect the old

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