Frivolous litigation

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  • Ethical Issues In Emergency Management

    weigh not having one. We live in a society that is lawsuit happy. Even when someone is trying to help another, the potential for a frivolous lawsuit is there. Having an attorney on the team during the planning phase can aid with identifying potential risks that may lead to litigation. Attorneys also bring in a different perspective to the mission. While all emergency workers may be focused on the overall end with saving lives and protecting property at any cost, an attorney is well suited to aid with identifying many different forms of risks associated with the emergency and can aid with deliberate risk assessments. He can also provide a different point of view with a broader perspective on the emergency. While all parties may continue to stay within the realm of their hierarchical boundaries, an attorney on the team will be able to offer advice that may prevent a bad decision from being accepted. Additionally, having the asset of an attorney will be able to provide someone who can conduct quality control over all forms of documents published within the emergency management organization. This can also enhance the department’s chances of receiving additional funding by filtering through the legalese of grant applications. Through the use of attorney, there are laws protecting emergency workers and innocent bystanders who get involved from frivolous lawsuits. The Good Samaritan Law protects those who get involved from liability if unintended consequences happen from their…

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  • Frivolous Lawsuit Research Paper

    A frivolous lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed by a party or attorney who is aware they are without merit, because of a lack of supporting legal argument or factual basis for the claims (Legal). Sometimes, this lawsuit is pointed at an entire organization because of an injury or problem caused by something they provide to consumers. Sometimes, they actually win. A number of economic resources that go into these lawsuits, being time and money, is outrageous (Post). There is a multitude of other…

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  • Australian Tort System Case Study

    professionals to obtain cover from certain categories of risk led to a similar withdrawal of services.’ 1 Practitioner growth Firstly the claim that litigation discourages people from practicing medicine is a common criticism of the tort system. A comparison of the practitioner growth…

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  • Case Study Wilson Elser And Montefiore Medical Center

    J., Chevron Shakedown Rout, Steven Donziger Suffers Another Legal Humiliation (Aug. 8, 2016). In essence, Wilson Elser is asserting using litigation to force an act that is not permitted by law under these circumstance to force removal and deletion of news articles protected under the First Amendment. Wilson Elser are knowingly engaged in a campaign for and on behalf of Montefiore to silence any critical thoughts regarding their medical services and treatments. Although they are not seeking…

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  • Florida Bar Vs Mccaliley Case Study

    In the case of Florida Bar v. McAliley, it is my position that it is a meritorious case. This case is about a male that used his status in the legal system to get what he wanted. It was found that McAliley filed frivolous motions in order to have a different outcome of the case between him and his ex-wife. McAliley did not want to pay child support there for he utilized numerous lawyers to file motions that were found to be a waste of the courts time. It was found that McAliley was held in…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Legal Aid

    Thereafter the client, before the conclusion of the litigation, becomes financially unable to promise to continue to pay his lawyer even if he loses. It is manifestly undesirable for the lawyer to leave the client in the lurch. A conditional normal fee agreement covering the remainder of the litigation, perhaps the last day of a trial which has run for longer than expected, has much to be said for it. The distinction between waiver at that point and waiver after the conclusion of the case is…

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  • Tort Reform Case Study

    went even further and sought punitive damages against McDonald’s in order to punish them for their negligent actions. It also shows how insurance plays a role in settlements. Without insurance, there would be no settlement. Additionally, the insurance carrier can dictate where the case goes, whether it settles quickly or if it goes all the way to trial, as it did in Liebeck. However, every case is unique and there are many things that can be taken away from Liebeck. For example, both Caroline…

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  • Importance Of Prisoner Rights

    except the prisoners themselves, and while some of them are valid and require attention, others are mere attempts at working the systems to gain an advantage upon release (Citizens in Chains, 2008). Rights are necessary however, because they help hold our correctional system to a higher standard, ensuring adequate care and programs so that prisoners can receive the treatment they need to be able to rejoin our society. Prisoner rights have played a major role in the evolution of the prison…

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  • Civil Justice System In Mr. Harr's May It Please The Court

    dismissal of the case on grounds that the case was frivolous since the plaintiff had no firm grounds for negligent actions. Indeed, the class text by Porto describes trivial cases to be those that aid in clouding the courts, which essentially overloads the cases resulting in case backlogs. Admittedly, Cheeseman was well within the judicial system requirements and his application was strategic, considering that Judge Skinner had over Five hundred backlogged cases. Indeed, he went ahead on…

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  • Construction Claims Consultant Case Study

    In fact, it is an astute move to hire a construction claims consultant before filing a lawsuit, because the construction claims consultant will provide insight into the value of a potential claim. In some cases, a party is simply mistaken about the contract terms, and filing a lawsuit would have been unnecessary. In fact, in many jurisdictions, a party may be fined or sanctioned for filing a frivolous…

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