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  • Lucy Mccormick: Play Analysis

    Lucy McCormick, of ‘GET IN THE BACK OF THE VAN’ (GITBOTV), influenced my practice through her solo workshop and subsequent conversations because I found her style and attitude towards creative work particularly stimulating and we share an enthusiasm for pushing theatrical boundaries. Her approach demonstrates that, “the question of boundaries and extremes is always in the room” (McCormick, 2014). In our workshop on ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ Lucy got one of my classmates, Laura, to chew up cucumber and then spit it into bread. I was aware of the process involved and, of course, ate the cucumber sandwiches, to the vocal displeasure of the audience. Laurence was unwilling to eat but was encouraged to by my response. Jess, who had been…

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  • Negative Arguments In Social Media

    The customer called the store and the manager gave him an excuse that the delivery driver had to drive to six other houses before his. The delivery person said that when he picked up the sandwich it was already a half hour late. The customer was “surprised they didn’t offer me anything to keep me as a customer, other than a lie”. Jimmy Johns responded to his post twenty minutes later saying that they screwed up and they owe him one. They gave a customer complaint email for him to send his…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Mission Trip To Nogales Mexico

    her face that had been sitting on the couch when we were driving up. She was more than delighted to open up her doors and allow us to prepare food for not only her but for everyone living there. First we had to make sure it was clean enough to make the food. So we kindly asked if we could clear the area where we wanted to set up the folding tables. These people were filled with joy, they were more then gladly to help move and clean things. Then with the help of my mother, some women formed an…

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  • Iceville: A Short Story

    There was a city named Iceville, and it had a population of 109, which most of the population was cats. The evil granny gang was out at Las Vegas. Which that left Torro, an archaeologist, Bobby, a weapon salesman, a pizza lover, and a pickle lover. Their names are not in the story for security reasons. Then, Torro stumbled upon something amazing. A triple cheese burger. He also discovered an ancient tablet. He was like ¨ Woah! This looks amazing! ¨ Torro was…

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  • Pickles: A Short Story

    Pickles I come from a broken home. I grew up with no father, a drug addict mother, and 2 little brothers. My mother used to take money that she would receive from the government and instead of buying food for her kids, would turn around and buy drugs. This would cause us to go without food for days. I used to search every cabinet in the house just so I could try to make my little bothers something to eat. I would go without food so they could eat. I love my little brothers, and I would do…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Quiznos

    Brand : Quiznos, a franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver, Colorado, which specializes in preparing toasted submarine sandwiches. The restaurant chain was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and grew to nearly 5,000 restaurants. As of the end of 2013, the chain had about 1,500 domestic locations and about 600 international locations. Quiznos is the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America, after Subway. Quiznos is now at the verge of closing down, as it…

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  • Panera Bread Reaction Paper

    workday is being dressed to work with a tucked in collared shirt, pants, an assigned apron with white embroidering, slip resistant shoes and a Panera Bread hat with the mother bread logo. After being dressed to work you can clock in at the registers in the front, then go to the deployment where every worker’s assigned work station is listed. Let’s start with the sandwich station, usually online learning and trainer shadowing come first, but I believe the most effective way of learning is by…

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  • Business Analysis: Subway Sandwich

    friendly buildings to maximize usage and reduce other costs. Subway also provide training and development program through out all over the world to all their franchises and help them improve their performance and services to engage and dealing with their customers (Krystenan Petrakas, 2009). In addition, subway also served many foods and products such as baked goods and salads beside sandwiches to their customers. Subway use high quality and healthy ingredient to make and produce their…

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  • Personal Narrative-Cuban Restaurant

    Once and for all I am finally here, standing right in front of this coffee-colored building, with my eyes wide open and my body shaking from head to toes. What I am currently witnessing is something out of this world, nothing like what I was expecting, but so much better. Where I come from, the food is amazing, Cuban food, it is certainly one of my favorite and being at the world 's oldest Spanish and Cuban restaurant is unrealistic. Being excited is not my thing, you see, nothing really…

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  • Chick Fil A Ad Analysis

    of humor in the way they misspelled the words and used the cows to sneakily persuade their audience to eat more chicken. Chick-fil-A uses the cows as there mascot and even sometimes has their employees dress up as cows to entertain children. The company also sells cow merchandise on the website. The advertisement makes customers feel like this is an entertaining and welcoming environment to bring their kids in a fun and creative way. Another aspect Chick-fil-A cows are best known for…

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