Panera Bread Reaction Paper

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Over four hundred salads, two hundred sandwiches, and one thousand soups prepared that was the busiest lunch rush in Panera Breads recent history. Panera Bread, of Hadley is a restaurant franchise that serves thousands of customers every day and satisfies the vast majority of them. My job is to train you to be an employee with the necessary patience and training. Training to help develop the know how and muscle memory to become a valued employee at this successful franchise.
Congrats on being hired at Panera Bread, Hadley, me as a trainer it is my job to show and describe an average workday very thoroughly step by step. The first step of any workday is being dressed to work with a tucked in collared shirt, pants, an assigned apron with white embroidering, slip resistant shoes and a Panera Bread hat with the mother bread logo. After being dressed to work you can clock in at the registers in the front, then go to the deployment where every worker’s assigned work station is listed. Let’s start with the sandwich station, usually online learning and trainer shadowing come first, but I believe the most effective way of learning is by “jumping head first” so here we go. Before working with
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When an order comes on the cubed screen it says all the ingredients that go on the sandwich, but the most productive way to learn is to follow the recipe cards we have. These recipe cards were used before the recipes were put on the screen I tell all of my trainees to use these cards as a study tool in between orders because they describe a sandwich build perfectly on how to build a whole or half sandwich starting with the bottom half. Every order from the time the customer orders needs to be finished within five minutes, but should be done in three or less. Let’s make your first sandwich, a whole bacon turkey

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