Reaction Paper About Applebees Evaluation

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Ready for a good night of watching the game with beer and good food? Applebee’s is a great family restaurant that has something on the menu for any picky eater. The family-oriented restaurant opens early enough for lunch, but stays open late enough to satisfy the late night crawlers. So if it happens that you are craving some worthy food at midnight, Applebee’s will love to have you. Most people come to enjoy their family appropriate fun atmosphere, quality food, and their affordable prices, but there are many other reason Applebee’s is so successful. Applebee’s takes lots of pride in being one of the largest casual-dining restaurants in the world. Including a restaurant in 49 states and 15 international countries. (2016 Applebee 's Restaurants LLC) …show more content…
High top tables are usually located inside the bar area. Here you will find televisions surrounding you with today’s relevant sports. The area with the booths and tables tend to be a little more family oriented. Applebee’s is a great restaurant for a school graduation get together. They will accommodate with any of the guests needs. The kid’s menu is creatively folded with crayons stuffed in the middle of it. The menu includes cheese quesadillas and chicken tenders that has the option to come with fruit. Applebee’s likes to make sure that the mini picky eaters are just as satisfied as the adult ones, while ensuring they have the option to get the nutrition they

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