Negative Arguments In Social Media

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Many companies around the world use Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand. It is one of the easier ways of advertising. Posts are re-tweeted, shared, or liked which provides companies with even more free advertising. The down side to being that publicly available is the negative attacks to the brand, and it happens on both Facebook and Twitter. Negative comments can really affect a brand and can damage a company’s reputation. The important thing companies need to remember when confronted with negative comments in social media is to respond quickly and with some excellent customer service. Let’s look at some examples. The first example comes from CNN’s Facebook page. The viewer left a comment about CNN’s lack of coverage on the …show more content…
The customer called the store and the manager gave him an excuse that the delivery driver had to drive to six other houses before his. The delivery person said that when he picked up the sandwich it was already a half hour late. The customer was “surprised they didn’t offer me anything to keep me as a customer, other than a lie”. Jimmy Johns responded to his post twenty minutes later saying that they screwed up and they owe him one. They gave a customer complaint email for him to send his comments too. The customer said he had already sent a complaint to the website and asked if that would get to the same place. Jimmy Johns responded with “Yes, that’ll go to the same place. I care about my customers and appreciate the feedback.”(Mcrea) Although there was no name left from someone at Jimmy Johns, it seemed very sincere and concerned about losing a customer. The thing that wowed me was the response from Jimmy Johns after the first complaint which was twenty minutes, but when the customer asked the follow up question, the response back from Jimmy Johns was five minutes later. That really shows that the customer’s complaint is being taken seriously. It even received a response from someone else afterwards commenting on how they seem like a company that

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