Police Brutality In Social Media

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It is possible for a casual user of social media to become easily influenced by the opinions of others on social media. We already know that Facebook allows users to like comments on posts. Sure this is great to see which comments are the ones being most agreed with, but it serves another cause. It serves a cause to the casual reader’s mind. Let’s say a young man who has never even heard of police brutality decides to make a Facebook account. When he first logs in he has no friends so the only option is to look at what’s trending. If there is a famous police brutality case going on then he will see it there. Just by reading what people have to say about it, immediately he has thousands of peoples’ opinions at his fingertips. Now he could take …show more content…
Police brutality has always been around. It has not been increased, but coverage of it has thanks to social media. It is an eye-opener for many to see all the wrong things a police officer can be seen doing online. As many people have been newly introduced to the topic of police brutality, does this affect their view on the police force as a whole? Of course it does. Anyone who’s seen the video of Eric Garner would know that people can never think they are 100 percent safe. He did nothing wrong to the police and he doesn’t get to wake up the next day. There are just so many cases out there it’s mindboggling that it keeps happening. No matter what, if there isn’t any lives in danger, no one has the right to end another human life. These victims of police brutality have families and friends that have to go through the unjustified and unexpected loss of a loved one. People have a right to change how they view police officers due to the police brutality found all over social media. Some videos seen are just downright terrible. When it is just so obvious that the victim did nothing wrong and end up dead, how can one not question the image of the police force as a whole? Now granted that it is extremely unfortunate and inexcusable for these actions to take place, it seems to be a lot rarer than you would think. Sure the stories just keep popping up all over the Internet like crazy, but in reality nothing’s changed. It’s been going on for years and because police departments choose not to send in statistics of police murders, there is no reason to believe that the amount of cases of police brutality have increased since its upcoming infamous appearance in social media. The numbers of cases of police brutality don’t need to increase to change the view of the

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