Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

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Racism is a topic that’s really iffy now a day in this day in age. It’s one of the most important issues in the world that’s being dealt with today. Ignorance, fear, and hatred are probably some of the reasons why it’s happening today. Just because a person from a different color race or their skin is a different color from yours; why do they have to be treated differently or even out casted from others? However, when they do wrong, everyone else from that race is discriminated and judged, even profiled by people from other races, ethnic backgrounds and skin colors. A few current events that are tied to racism in my opinion as well as others is police brutality and racial profiling. Many people think if someone from one specific race does a …show more content…
What racial profiling means is “The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone committing an offense”. This falls back to the Eric Garner case where he was being suspected to selling loose cigarettes on the street. The big question is how racial profiling relates to police brutality in today’s society. Well it’s kind of simple police officers suspect and assume a lot. Before knowing actual facts before reacting to a certain situation. The expect blacks and Hispanics to commit more rough and unreasonable crimes because they grew up the toughest, the roughest community’s and environments. So there subjected to do more crimes than whites because they didn’t have to live in a crime filled environment. Whites didn’t have to learn bad things to survive in a very discriminated environment they grew up on a lot more rights and freedom.
Police brutality happens today because of racism and racial profiling, it’s based off of subjection, assumption and action. Rather than factual evidence and then appropriate action. Black, Hispanics and any other minorities other than white are targeted to crimes and harassed by police. People think if one person from specific group commits a crime that anyone else from that group is capable of committed same crime. Just because they’re in the group of that last person. When really everyone shouldn’t be held to the same standards as the last of next person because everyone is

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