Police Violence

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Violence is seen everywhere and many people think when there is violence there are consequences to be faced. This is true but for some people they are immune from facing the same results as others normally would. Police officers are the ones subject to these concerns when they are facing court trials. The amount of police brutality cases has rose more than it ever has over the last year. What are the differences in punishment for the same type of crime for an officer compared to a citizen? An officer’s job is to protect and serve but with controversy surrounding light sentencing on crimes it’s brought on protests and surveillance proof. These methods in place can cause harm or can prevent it, where some are meant to be peaceful but in other ways can be seen as threatening. Allowing yourself to be victimized by police can be a contentious situation or it can be a lesson learned.
Due to the fact that there is closer attention to light sentencing on
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Black Lives Matter protested that there needed to be change in the way the African American community be treated by police since there was so much racial profiling involved. (Goldman) These protests served a purpose for people to be reminded that the lives of colored people matter and that they need to not face discrimination as they have been facing for years. Protesting has also evolved behaviors in some people fighting that what the police officers did in these cases has been justified. After many other sequence of events that caused police officers to lose their lives because of a reaction to someone feeling like they have been discriminated against, a new movement swept the internet for support of police. Boys in Blue was a term people used that would show police officers are just doing their job in trying to protect and serve the community and to remember that not all police officers are

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