Effects Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality and court systems and structural violence

This world is arranged by tiers according to race, culture, gender, sexuality, and many more individualities. If you are perceived to be on the “better” or more preferred side of these characteristics, you are treated tremendously different than those of the lower hierarchy. This is the structural violence. When one group of people is treated better than another group of people because of their characteristics. An example of this is minorities in America. Minorities in the United States have been a victim of this structural violence. Many or deprived of good jobs, decent schooling and housing, and safer environment. In this paper I will talk about the African American race, police brutality and court systems specifically.
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Police brutality, unfair justice, and African Americans have been intertwined for a long time. Some cops believe all African Americans as a race is trouble and those who assume that often act on that presumption. Many believe that the police are just doing their job and this idea of blacks and police brutality is a relative deprivation, rather than an act of structural violence. The idea of relative deprivation is false when most of the people in power are Caucasian, their targets are mainly black men, and excessive force is being used. Because a person has brown skin, some police seem to take more serious and/or deadly measures to handle a situation. Structural violence is apparent here because no other race is a victim of these extreme procedures. In order to understand police brutality and structural violence, I am going to explain what the environment of a lot of minorities have to deal with on an everyday

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