The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling occurs in different parts of the world, and has many effects on society today. The Farlex dictionary defines racial profiling as the following. “A form of racism consisting of the policy of police men who stop and search vehicles driven by people in particular racial groups” ( Farlex 1). This type of profiling leaves many colored people wondering why the justice system lacks in serving justice to African Americans males. Profiling results in unfair punishment as much as it creates assumptions. The system can protect all and themselves by following different protocols and procedures that considers no acquisitions and assumptions to be made on African American males. Racial Profiling has been a tremendous issue in different …show more content…
A recommendation the NAACP, gives the US to ban racial profiling and let it come to an end. They state “ban racial profiling at all levels of the government, provide provisions for data collection and monitoring, included enhanced and funded training on racial profiling, and provide for sanctions and remedies for violations of the law.” (NAACP, p 20). This shows evidence to how racial profiling can be ceased and officer’s work can be done better. The NAACP gives background history to how racial profiling started. They give a brief summary of how police officers make these accusations on African American males. They state “Racial profiling by law enforcement is the targeting of individuals as based on a set of characteristics they believe to be associated with crime, rather than credible evidence or information linking a specific type of person to a specific criminal incident is a deeply rooted phenomenon in America” (NAACP, p 21). This statement given shows evidence on what police officers consist of doing to save our community, by making the wrong assumptions. The article gives discussion on an act that was introduced in the U.S. called …show more content…
They state racial profiling has occurred in “New Jersey, on their turnpike, in Maryland I-95, in Arizona on their highways, drug war profiling, and post 9/11 profiling.) (NAACP, p24-25). NAACP gives brief statistics on racial profiling. They state in “a most recent study in 2004 by Amnesty International USA (AIUSA), thirty-two million people reported having experienced racial profiling.” (NAACP, p 27). The article also provides an audit percentage of the number of people that were stopped in 2011. They state “13% were African Americans, 10% were white drivers and 10% were Hispanic drivers.” (NACCP, p 27). The results that NAACP provided shows a big number of differences on how racial profiling is a big problem in our society today. NAACP still continues to fight today to stop the major racial profiling that exists in our society

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