Argumentative Essay On Race Based Policing

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In the United States, many African Americans are being racially profiled by the public and law enforcements in such distasteful light. Racism is an issue that is real and is still being practiced by many citizens and law enforcers in the United States. This is a serious matter that not many people realize is still a problem for the lives of minorities. Americans ignorantly think that racism is something of the past and that these races having nothing to worry or that they deserve what they got from getting violent treatment from an officer; this mindset that many white Americans have is far from what is actually going on. Racial profiling is common amongst the police force and is becoming cruder and problematic to these individuals that are being attacked. Police officers should not participate in racial profiling because it causes unnecessary fear of a race and creating criminal stereotypes.

Many of the people who get racially profiled by the police and the public are African Americans. Recently in the media, there have been many disputes on this issue and a lot is being said to create awareness. The majority of people have a certain
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In Leitzel’s article, he talks about how racial disparities in policing exist and that it would be uncommon if it didn’t exist. (2001) The police pay more attention to minorities then the typical white Americans because most minorities live in neighborhoods that seem more likely to have people in poverty. (Brunson Miller, 2006) A reason why the police seem to be profiling the African American male youth more is that in their eyes they tend to cause more trouble then the typical white American male youth. Police officers tend to follow stereotypes of criminals, as do most Americans; but it has become more aggressive. Many officers approach the African American’s in a more displeasing way. (Leitzel,

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