Racial Profiling Persuasive Essay

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No Need To Profile Racial profiling has always been a serious issue throughout the years and just when things seem to calm down, something always happens. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as ground for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Throughout a time in one 's life, they will be a victim of racial profiling. I 've heard so many stories about how people of color are being and have been discriminated, but I never thought that I would become an actual victim to racial discrimination. Once during the summer, me and a few friends of mine decided to go to Walmart because we wanted to have a splash day being that the temperature outside was at 95 degrees, so we needed to buy some water guns and balloons. By …show more content…
Someone can either be followed around throughout a store, stopped and frisked out on the street, get pulled over while driving, etc. Racial profiling is wrong no matter what is going on in a situation. In my opinion, profiling someone racially is just a form of being racist. There are many people that may disagree with that statement, but they do have more people that will agree to it. There have been multiple cases throughout the United States that left the country shocked and furious about what had happened because of someone who was racially …show more content…
Throughout a time in someone’s life they will be a victim of racial discrimination. During a summer when I was in Wal-mart with friends, we were victims of being racially profiled. The result of this left me shocked, confused, and very uncomfortable. There are numerous ways of how someone can be profiled racially. I truly believe that racial discrimination is a form of racism. As a result if racial profile, many young black or African American males lost their lives due to the color of their skin. Racial profiling does not only targets African Americans, others races such as mexicans, muslims and Arabs are affected. Out of everything that is going on in the world, being discriminated by the color of your skin is just wrong and

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