Racial Profiling In Law Enforcement And The Community

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Racial profiling has connections in law enforcement and the community causing biased factors in which can result in problematic factors on both sides. In law enforcement each individual officer to have their own part of racism. There has been arguments throughout the media and articles complaining their own side of the story of how an individual being the opposite race to the officer has been treated poorly and severely. Racial profiling is not something new that is happening now thus, it has been around since the early 1700s. Not only is this making law enforcement look bad but, for a community to not have a relationship to an officer again within the help for a community. According to the Bureau of Justice, statistics show that white drivers …show more content…
Racial discrimination is being an issue towards many colored minorities mainly aiming towards colored races. Protests have been happening in order to gain that attention to the publicity and the media to gain awareness of what is happening throughout their surroundings. Shootings have been happening frequently as well due to the cause of racial profiling within an officer towards a minority. The Michael Brown shooting that happened in Missouri demonstrate how a white police officer shot an unarmed black man. This case has gotten a lot attention due to the cause that white domination and supremacy power was used. The officer who shot the 18 year old unarmed victim Michael Brown, was charged with the crime that was committed by shooting at the unarmed victim. According to a scholar website Scholarship.law.upenn.edu, claims how stop and frisk practices give out no attention without the conduct of legal justification, causing “independent racial profiling concerns” (Scholarship.law.upenn.edu., 2001). Also according to an article, Whren’s Flawed Assumptions Regarding Race, History, and Unconscious Bias, by William M. Carter, states that “pretextual searches and seizures conduct in limitations on the ability of people of color by giving law enforcement officials a widespread of discretion to utilize pretextual stops” (Carter, 2016). Alongside with this being said, stereotypes in racial profiling causes supremacy and power within different races and cultures among officers and minorities. This leads minorities of different race to be frightened towards law

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