Rodney King's Accupational Philosophy Of Police Crutality

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On March 3, 1991, Rodney King was brutally beaten by multiple Los Angeles Police officers after pulling over following a high speed chase. Despite the footage of the beating being caught on film, the police officers were acquitted of any wrong doing on April 29, 1992 at 3:15 PM. By 5:15 PM, in response to the verdicts of the police officers, the Los Angeles riots began (Linder, 2001). The riots were a strong reaction to the injustice that was felt in the community and did not incite a social change, but did bring a lot of media attention to the issue of police brutality against minorities (Hollowell, 2009).
The city of Ferguson in Missouri is one of the most recent sites of civil unrest due to the shooting of an 18 year old African American man named Michael Brown by a Caucasian police officer named
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Police culture, within criminology, is comprised of the overarching occupational philosophy and the individual officer personality type. Throughout the decades, the occupational philosophy of police culture has been molded by ‘core characteristic’ labels such as mission-oriented, suspicious, pessimistic, masculine, isolated and conservative. These labels have created an ‘ideal-type’ of culture that has lasted through time. What has risen through these molding characteristics is an occupational philosophy which includes concepts such as the thin blue line, an ‘us versus them’ mentality and the cop code of silence (Reiner, 1985). Recently there has been a shift outside of criminology, realizing that the idea of police culture has shifted from being “an internalized set of values which motivates people’s decisions and actions” to being a “resourceful tool on which people rely to make sense of situations they navigate in everyday life” (Campeau,

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