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  • Cults: The Real Threat

    Cults: The Real Threat More than 30 people are killed violently each day in the United States in a variety of ways and in multiple areas regardless of the socioeconomic status of those areas. Right now in our country, guns, racism, and poverty are blamed for much of the violence. However, most of our society overlooks another cause of violent activity in America. Cults. Over 100 cults are here in America, and they conduct mass suicides and other acts of violence creating danger to our country. Cults are as bad as the negative connotation associated with it makes it seem. There are numerous definitions correlated with the word cult. A cult can be defined as religious, as there are 3 main types of religious cults. One group may favor an object or an idea. Another may have different religious beliefs and a definite way of living. The final type is immensely religious, they are known to be exclusive, secretive, and…

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  • Essay On Wicca Cults

    “Cults are religious groups who express their similar and sometimes “unique” beliefs together”("Religious Violence"). Characteristics of a typical cult include a leader’s continuous efforts to gain influence and control over members thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. “Anti-cult activists and scholars have all come to describe cults as groups that physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially exploit and manipulate their followers” ("Suicide Cults"). The members show extreme loyalty and…

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  • Chicago Rippers Cult

    Cults can be formed around a variety of satanic beliefs, which cause an illusion of justification with violent and horrendous acts, such as the ones done by the four members of The Chicago Rippers cult, and the members of The Vampire Clan. Psychological aspects of cults include indoctrination, groupthink, and obedience. The Chicago Rippers were a group of four men, identified as Robin Gecht (the leader), Edward Spreitzer, and brothers Andrew Kokoraleis and Thomas Kokoraleis (Murderpedia).…

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  • Religious Cults Analysis

    Lee. J. Richmond observes the correlation between religious cults and the effects of which these institutions have on adolescents. Lee J. Richmond, a licensed psychologist and professor of Education at Loyola College, highlights specific cults and their destructive nature on the youth. Based on his experiences, he warns school counselors how to effectively deal with the pressures of cult recruitment and the interference on the lives of adolescents. Many adolescents admonish these particular…

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  • Harmful Cult Research Paper

    threats some hold to innocent human beings. Cults. We must strive to raise awareness of harmful cults in our society. Harmful cults have the ability to take away basic human rights and brainwash people to such an extent that they begin to believe what they are doing will make them a better person and improve their lives. Everyone would like a chance at a new life, right?, so if a harmful cult offers a shot at a new one, it's near impossible to turn it down. This is the trap many fall into and…

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  • Why People Join Cults Essay

    the word cult, they think of people in dark cloaks worshipping Satan or bald monks who live in mountains as hermits. That is not always the case though. It is not as easy as one may think to spot cult members as they come from varying walks of life. The purpose of this paper is to define cults, to explain why people join cults, and to apprise the danger that cults pose. Although most religions start as cults, there are many qualities, criteria, and traits that separate cults from religions.…

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  • Psychological Effects Of Cults Essay

    These days, people throw around the world cult like it’s nothing. For example, fitness trends such as Cross Fit and Soul Cycle have been similarly compared to actual cults. Cross Fit and Soul Cycle might be a bit out there, but there is nothing strange or sinister about them like in actual cults. The truth of the matter is that the word cult should not be used as a joke. Cults are dangerous. They take over people’s lives, demanding many sacrifices, such as isolation and heavy financial…

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  • Modern Day Cults Research Paper

    Whenever a person hears the word cult, they will either be frightened or not think much about it. The word cult, is nowadays often used to describe a group of people that believes or does something out of the ordinary. Its original definition however, is a “ritual observance involved in worship of the supernatural or its symbolic representations” (Cult). While most cults have died out, many are still active today or have influenced modern cults. People may know these cults by name but they may…

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  • Why Do People Join Cults

    Cults are defined as a group of people having religious beliefs or practices viewed by others as strange. There are many cults in America, more than actual churches. The group is usually isolated from the rest of society which is believed to be destructive. These cults create their own worlds and limit any outside influences. They form their own society with a religious leader controlling the group. These groups use physiological persuasions to recruit and brainwash their members. In our…

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  • The Cult Of The Dead Cow

    activists of a new age; an age where technology is king among other platforms of information. Indifferent and disillusioned by careless claims made in the media, internet activist are revolutionizing the world through internet hacking. Internet activist known as Hacktivists, work to target injustice in politics and corrupt societal ideals. The world’s posterity relies upon Hacktivists groups, and the single click of a computer mouse. The term Hacktivism was coined by the first Hacktivist group…

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