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  • Daniel Orozco Orientation Summary

    devices such as patterns, symbolism, and imagery to support his theme that orientation plays a big part in welcoming a new member to the workforce yet modern offices tend to disregard its significance. Just as the short story begins, Orozco introduces short, simple sentence structures beginning with a subject/verb and ending with a predicate such as “This is your phone.” These sentences individually seem like average sentences a grade schooler would write, but the art of these sentences is seen when they are observed as a whole forming a repeating pattern. Orozco incorporates pattern in his short story to give the reader a sense of mood of to how new workers are welcomed as soon as the story starts. “Those are the offices and these are the cubicles.” With just the first sentence, the reader could already feel the isolation and unwelcoming of the orienteer to the new personnel. The same sentence structure is used throughout the first four paragraphs and then suddenly changes to more complex sentences in the fifth paragraph where the narrator begins to talk about the personal lives of the co-workers. “Russell Nash has put on forty pounds and grows fatter with each passing month, nibbling on chips and cookies while peeking glumly over the partitions at Amanda Pierce and gorging himself at home on cold pizza and ice cream while watching adult videos on TV.” Perhaps Orozco increased the complexity of the sentences because he values the personal lives of the co-workers more than…

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  • The Anderson Hospice House: A Short Story

    white cubicle with a constant sound of a machine beeping grew obnoxious ,but as the days past it soon became welcomed. The constant beeping every minute calmed all my worries and fears. There would be times where the beeping would pause and at that moment it felt as if my heart did well. The sound of patterned feet across the room with the occasional conversation on the side distracted me from my surroundings. If it wasn't for the words on the book before me the severance of my environment…

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  • Working In The IT Industry

    The number of occupied cubicles represents the various workload being assigned to me at work. When every cubicle is occupied, I’ll find it difficult to hold my bladder and will be hoping for an empty cubicle. Similarly, when the workload piles up, I will begin to feel stressed and might end up making a mess at work. This will leave a bad impression in front of my superiors. The main cause of stress perception stems from perspectives. Taking a step back will allow me to find alternative solutions…

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  • Cinematic Techniques Used In The Film The Matrix

    The Matrix is an action science fiction film that representationally expresses the controversy between a parallel universe and the reality. I am going to be using one of the four stylistic controls, mise-en-scène, which is used to convey underlying messages and hidden symbols. I will do that by looking at the lighting and the importance of reflective surfaces and what they represent. I will therefore analyze a specific sequence in the movie, and discuss the fundamental aspects to show how it…

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  • The Theme Of Billennium By J. G. Ballard

    Department”. Due to family connections a broom cupboard has been called a cubicle and no one can do anything about it makes the reader feel vexatious and the link to the dystopian world is created. The manipulative side of the dystopian world is brought out. Ballard employs irony and visual imagery to bring out the confinement of space and the claustrophobia in the story. The situation is ironic when due to the constant re-evaluation of space Ward and his friend are fed up but they soon…

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  • Is 1984 Still Relevant Today

    traditional and new media to avoid potential subversion of its authority. To control the media, they use monitoring systems, firewalls, shuttering websites or publications and incarcerating bloggers, activists and journalist who posted anything that goes against the government (treason). The media censorship was brought to international headlines in early January 2013 when “Southern Weekly” a newspaper based out of Guangzhou staged a week long protest after the government rewrote a front page…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Orientation By Daniel Orozco

    Orozco plays around with second person voice within these first couple of paragraphs. It states, “those are the offices and these are the cubicles. That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle” (1061). From this first line, it is shown that the narrator is starting to take the orientation on a normal and impersonal path. Within the first three paragraphs there is frequent mention of the second person voice in the story. This is showing the reader that these statements are pointed to the new…

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  • The Inclusion Of Disabled People

    It is purely impossible to go a full day without using one. Therefore, it is essential that cubicles be placed around at certain locations of a building where full access can be allowed. The above picture was taken in the Architecture building at University of Auckland. As a University, there are several cubicles placed around campus and all do have ways to get inside. The social disability model comes to mind when speaking of this as it says, “says that disability is caused by the way society…

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  • The Importance Of Human Olfaction

    secretions, pads were placed under the donors underarms during the night while they slept. They were told to avoid the use of scented deodorants, soaps and aftershaves. The next step involved the woman. Gathering thirty-two undergraduate female students between the ages of eighteen and thirty-six. They were then separated into two groups; women who were on contraception and those who were not. Those groups were further broken down into phases of their menstrual cycle; phase-one being woman who…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Alcohol For College Students

    quiet hours is not suitable for everyone. Despite that being said, undisturbed and peaceful times are defiantly a necessity when it comes to a college living circumstance. The dormitory is built for the students to escape the noise from the outside world and to analyze ones course of study. Some could even call it a serene cubicle. A few might disagree and suggest that the library was constructed for just this instant. Wrong; dorms are specifically created for a student to have privacy and…

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