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  • Effects Of Food Security In The South Pacific

    Food Security in the South Pacific: An Annotated Bibliography Silke Groeneweg What are the effects of climate change and subsequent rising sea levels on food production and security of the inhabitants of islands in the South Pacific? In the past few decades, climate change has become a bigger concern for researchers and the public alike. For the inhabitants of small island nations in the South Pacific, there is no issue more pressing or potentially detrimental to their lives. Scientists, policy makers, government officials and Pacific Islanders have all recognized the consequences of a warming climate and realize the need for action. Several organizations and researchers are dedicated to advocating for policy changes and creating programs that will help inhabitants of the South Pacific Islands. Many governments have reacted to these concerns and have begun implementing policies; however, many South Pacific nations have not done enough to protect the people of their country and their livelihood. The sources below describe the factors that have contributed to the size and severity of the problem. Several of the sources highlight the power governments to help slow the decrease in food availability and how their decisions can affect the lives of all Islanders. Barnett (2007) discusses the role of governments and criticize their handling of the South Pacific economy, which has seen a recent influx of cheap and non-nutritious food. United Nations for Women (2014) focuses on…

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  • Oceania In Society Today

    Oceania In Our Society Today In our world, our society thrives off of the freedom to do whatever they want. It is, most of the time, taken for granted that we don’t even know what it’s like without it. In 1984, where all of their freedom is taken away, anyone alive today would not survive. In Oceania, Party members are forbidden to have any type of relationship, any kind of thought that is their own, and they are only allowed to say what is appropriate to the Party. They are also placed into…

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  • Nauru Case Study

    Nauru, is a small country located in the Pacific Islands that not many people know of. Nauru is located approximately twenty-five miles south of the earths equator, and it’s closest neighboring country is Banaba, another island that is about two hundred miles east of Nauru. The territorial size of the country is only about eight square miles, with a population of “9540” people (Nauru: 2016 Country Review, 3). Nauru “became an independent” country “in 1968,” making it the “smallest republic in…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Stan Grant's Speech

    The given extract is a speech delivered by Stan Grant on Racism and Australian dream in 2016 at Ethics Centre, Sydney, Australia. He primarily targets the audience belonging to Australia. With the use sarcastic and confronting tone speaker expresses his disappointment and serve his purpose to inform the audience about the historical brutality suffered by the aborigines with the use rhetorical questions, anaphora, and juxtaposition. Stan Grant at the start of his speech uses rhetorical question…

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  • Bungle Bungles

    The Bungle Bungles (or Purnululu) is found and located in Purnululu, Western Australia. The Bungle Bungles is well known for the great ranges, which were only “discovered” by a film team in 1983. The cultural and spiritual significance of this landform traces back to almost 20,000 years ago. Also, the cultural and spiritual aspects of this landform is extremely vital to the vast existence of the landform itself and the people who inhabit it. The primary and original owners of this landform…

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  • Social Media Influence On Indigenous Australians

    Australian media has always been a prevalent force associated with Indigenous Australians. Ever since the mass spread of information through media was invented, it has been used as both a negative and positive way to promote certain agendas. Social media is also a mechanism that is changing the way Indigenous Australians interact and use media, and has had an important impact on Indigenous Peoples around the world. Despite many changes for the better in regards to how the media is used to…

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  • Ngunnawal Tribe

    The Indigenous people whose traditional lands are the area of Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory are The Ngunnawal people (alternatively Ngunnawal tribe). First encountered by European settlers in the 1820s, the Ngunnawal people lived in an area roughly bounded by what are now the towns of Queanbeyan, Boorowa and Goulburn. The meaning of Ngunnawal is we, the people, or us and today’s spelling came from the settlers, the original spelling was Ngoonawal (rhyming with soon). The region…

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  • The Secret River Film Analysis

    Worldview and Privilege Essay The film The Secret River (2015) provides an insightful outlook and perspective on privilege, power, communication difficulties, and differing worldviews. The film provides a view on privilege and power through the depiction of Settlers and Indigenous custodians of Australia. It offers an intuitive outlook on land ownership, highlighting the varying attitudes and relationships each group has with the land and the concept of racial superiority. Differing cultures…

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  • Sally's Story Analysis

    Sally’s Story Sally’s Story illustrates the life of an average Aboriginal family in Australia. The southern British Commonwealth during that period of time was a far cry from its colonial past, where Aborigines were singled out for persecution. Yet, life for members of the Aboriginal population remains to be a struggle in a subtle but present manner. Indigenous Australians faced difficulties from greater economic hardships caused by poverty and unemployment to social stigma and discrimination,…

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  • The Past And Present: Aboriginal Identity

    The title for my exhibition is The Past and Present: Aboriginal Identity. My curatorial theme will explore the lives of the Aboriginal people from the past and present. Many of the artists chosen for the exhibition bring to light, and focus on the Stolen Generation in their works. This will be the past part of the exhibition. The present part of the exhibition will focus on how the Aborigines have dealt with those effects of the Stolen Generations while working to fit in with white communities…

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