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  • Nauru Case Study

    Nauru, is a small country located in the Pacific Islands that not many people know of. Nauru is located approximately twenty-five miles south of the earths equator, and it’s closest neighboring country is Banaba, another island that is about two hundred miles east of Nauru. The territorial size of the country is only about eight square miles, with a population of “9540” people (Nauru: 2016 Country Review, 3). Nauru “became an independent” country “in 1968,” making it the “smallest republic in the world” (Nauru - Politics, Government, and Taxation). After becoming a republic in 1968, they decided to follow the same political system used in Great Britain, which is the unicameral parliament. They also follow the English and Australian common law…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Island Of Despair By Amnesty International

    faced by refugees. The phrase “Australia’s processing of refugees” then suggests that Australia is responsible for the suffering of refugees on Nauru. In accordance with the visual rhetoric analysis of Hesford, the unidentified Iranian refugee in the cover photo represents an archetypal victim in need of rescue on Nauru. This cover photo attempts to allow the despair and suffering experienced by the refugees to enter its audience in order to make the audience feel responsible for the…

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  • Asylum Seekers Persuasive Speech

    Tv Host: Good Afternoon this is Laura from... We have all heard that the Nauruan government intends to process the refugee claims of 600 asylum seekers within a week. Furthermore, the Australian Government Policy is trying to stop the boat people from entering into Australia by sending asylum seekers to places like Nauru. This is a current issue that has been generating a lot of debates amongst Australians. Today we will be talking to Anika Tukara an Asylum seeker advocate who works with…

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  • What Is Australia's International Obligation To Refugees?

    centres as these refugees’ sort refuge in Australia, transferring them to another country should not change their international obligation to provide appropriate protection and care. Additional literature refers to the United Nations stance on extra-territorial responsibilities that identifies Australia’s international obligations extends extra-territorial, meaning that Australia has a joint responsibility for any violations of human rights obligations that arise in countries where Australia has…

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  • Mental Illness As A Social Problem

    Rights Commission, 2015.) As of 30th November 2015, 543 asylum seekers are residing in a prison like detention centre in Nauru and a further 926 are in a detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2015.) Most Asylum seekers are searching for a safe place to reside after fleeing their country due to “human rights violations, torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment or punishment (Red Cross, 2014.)” According to the Diagnosis Statistics Manual…

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  • Unjust Law

    Offering sanctuary to women and children seeking protection from despatch to Nauru would break the law. That is a fact. The important question is whether it would be right to break the law. In healthy democracies this question is frequently raised. Bearded protestor at #LetThemStay rally in BrisbaneIn any society it is common for people to break the law and disobey lawful instructions. People fail to move on when instructed by police, evade tax, drive too fast, keep silent about abuse in…

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  • John F Kennedy Leadership Qualities Essay

    straight defiance of the school’s beliefs and rules. It was basically a club opposite of the student council. Although he was a troublemaker, he was looked at as a leader of the club by the headmaster. Even at young age, he was developing leadership skills and qualities. His leadership qualities were also shown during his shipwreck in the year 1943. Kennedy was able to keep his eleven surviving crew members alive while they were awaiting rescue. When they wrecked, Kennedy “towed the injured Pat…

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  • Political Map Of Algeria

    relationship between the data and the development status will always be supported. Current Event #1 Country: Papua New Guinea News Title: “Refugees’ Lives ‘Stripped of Meaning’ by Detention, Australian Author Says” Author: Michelle Innis Publish Date: September 1, 2016 News Source: The New York Times The news article I read was written by Michelle Innis in The New York Times, on September 1, 2016. This article discusses the plight of asylum seekers and refugees who come to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Asylum Seekers

    This change included the introduction of mandatory detention of any asylum seeker with a maximum detention of 273 days. The maximum detention was removed in 1994, which is currently in place which means that asylum seekers can be detained for an indefinite period of time. In 2012 third world country processing of asylum seekers who arrived by boat was introduced and detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island were built. The Introduction of mandatory indefinite detention and third world country…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Refugees In Australia

    The Tampa was not allowed entry into Australia by the Howard government. However, the Tampa entered Australian waters anyway and was boarded by the Special Air Service. The asylum seekers were then transferred to the Pacific Island of Nauru. This is when the government introduced the ‘Pacific Solution,’ under which asylum seekers were sent to Nauru rather than allowed into Australia to be processed and considered for refugee status. John Howard made a pledge regarding the determination of who…

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