Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

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  • Recruiting Issues In USMC Aviation

    The biggest flight-training issue brought up during our focus groups was a concern that the USMC would retain women who did not meet the qualifications just to keep women in the community. We do not have evidence that this is true, but one reason this perception may exist is that there are so few women in the aviation community that they tend to be categorized as either good students/pilots or bad. This means that it is possible for a woman who is meeting the standard but may not be the best in her class to be perceived as not meeting the standard. Retention issues The biggest challenge to retaining women is their struggle to balance their aviation careers with their desires to raise families. Not flying or veering off path can reduce promotion opportunities. In addition, there is a perception that getting pregnant in a flying billet is “selfish” and that a desire to have children is “letting the Corps down.” Because female pilots are more likely than male pilots to be married to otherservicemembers, female pilots also struggle with dual-military and…

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  • Why I Want To Be An Officer Application Essay

    I have a strong desire to become an officer in the United States Navy. To achieve this goal I wish to be accepted into Officer Candidate School where I will later graduate with a commission as an Ensign. I believe myself to be of both strong mind and body, and I accredit this to my commitment to my school, my work, and my training. I graduated top ten percent of my class in High School and Magna Cum Laude in college and I continually try to increase the diversity of my knowledge so to become a…

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  • Air Force Academy Essay

    serving my country by being a part of this extraordinary corps. Additionally, with my leadership experience in so many different communities and cultures, I believe I have what it takes to train and work hard to become an officer in the Air Force. Seeing that this country is comprised of such a mix of identities and ideas, my goal in the future is to be a leader who can bring a unique perspective to our nation’s military. In concert with my great interest in innovation and technology, I…

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  • High School Research Paper

    This topic is not an unusual topic. In fact, this is a topic that will help me decide on what college I will go to and attend in my future. My topic is The Citadel military College of the South or its only other competitor Norwich University. It does not necessarily matter where I attend school because no matter where I go I will be enrolled in the ROTC program at either school. In this research paper the items that I will be talking about are things that I have learned from either being talked…

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  • John Paul Jones Leadership Analysis

    learning from leaders from the past to leaders in the present. John Paul Jones is a leader that exemplifies what it means to be a leader. From when he is in a situation to when he is among his subordinates. But to understand how to become a leader much like John Paul Jones you must first look at what he did to become a leader himself. John Paul Jones was from a small village called Solway Firth, Scotland. He began his naval career at the age of thirteen while working as an apprentice mariner.…

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  • The Orders Process And Troop Leading Procedure

    process, while the supporting staff conducts it (ADRP 6-0, 2012, p. vi). The orders process consists of planning, preparing, executing, and assessing the operation throughout its duration. The orders process breaks down the responsibilities and tasks of the commander and staff. TLPs and the orders process complement one another to where they are each designed to improve planning, training, and execution.…

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  • Cadet Leader Reflective Essay

    for this anticipated event. CLC was the notorious contender we would face at the end of their junior year. The on-campus training we received helped us face numerous challenges. My expectations for CLC varied tremendously. My varied expectations were the result of not knowing the exact format of the new CLC. The class of 2015 faced an entirely different CLC than seniors before us. Cadet Command implemented several new changes. We were not sure what we would be facing. At first, it was difficult…

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  • Norwich University Case Study

    birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Norwich University is a unique institution where students, faculties, and staffs, administrators work together to keep strong personal and professional goals to help the future leaders of this nation. Graduate students from this college provide their service to this nation in both the military and private sectors.…

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  • Jrotc Narrative

    really was outgoing. I just found myself being more to myself rather than to everyone else. Nevertheless I promised myself to be friendlier in High School. I stayed to be sure that people weren 't going to start to bully me. What is J.R.O.T.C? JROTC is Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps .JROTC is a Military program funded by the federal Government. Jrotc was created for high school student to have two levels of ROTC that were, Junior and Senior. Junior for high school and senior for…

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  • Informative Speech: The Army As A Profession

    that the Army as a profession has a lot more opportunities then one might think. A. Credibility Statement: For the past eight years I have dealt with some type of military training rather it being the four…

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