Norwich University Case Study

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How organizational change affected more individual than orginzation?

Norwich University is the oldest private military college in the United State that is located in Northfield, VT. Captain Alden Partridge was a founder of Norwich University, founded in 1819 in Norwich, Vermont. In the United State, Norwich University is counted as one of six senior military colleges and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Norwich University is a unique institution where students, faculties, and staffs, administrators work together to keep strong personal and professional goals to help the future leaders of this nation. Graduate students from this college provide their service to this nation in both the military and private sectors.
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Sooner or later, the college will have to transform into a new era. Of course, our college has set great visions that will change the structure of campus and student lifestyles. Most important vision of the college is changing technology, and keep a stronger relationship with the global students, and connect more with growing population. In other words, the change of the Corps of Cadet's rules and regulations brings more problems for the future leaders. Now, the leader has to use different methods of training and leadership skills to train their followers. At Norwich University, the President of the campus, student government, and the Corps of Cadets commander and commandant are working together to change the student structure that can bring more professionalism into the student …show more content…
Each year, the Cadet Commander and commandant were working very hard to change the rules and regulations that lack leadership. At this university, the leaders are expected to have integrity, self-discipline, responsibility and positivity, and follow the traditions and values of this university. At four-year cadet training program helps to analyze the critical thinking and brings more participation and more dynamic programs to help cadets to become professional leaders. In leadership, the leader has to keep better tradition and guiding values of the campus that will protect their

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