Informative Speech: The Army As A Profession

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Informative Presentation Outline
Topic: The Army as a Profession
Specific purpose: To inform the audience about the Army and the opportunities that it holds
Thesis: The general public has a certain perception about the Army believing that all aspects of the Army are combat related and after being informed they make the military an option in there career choice

I. Attention-getting device: A lot of individuals have the common perception the Army is kicking down doors and taking names, but what most people fail to realize is that the Army as a profession has a lot more opportunities then one might think.
A. Credibility Statement: For the past eight years I have dealt with some type of military training rather it being the four
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Main point 1: The Army as a Profession
[Remember that main points must be phrased simply]
A. Support for 1st main point
1. The Army as a plethora of jobs available: The Army offers training in more than 150 different career paths. As an active duty Soldier, you will have access to all of them. Choose from jobs in art, science, intelligence, combat, aviation, engineering, law and more. There is no limit to what you can achieve.
Active Duty: Active Duty is similar to working at a full-time civilian job.
Soldiers serve in the Army 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of their service commitment. Think of it as working a full-time job.
2. Army Reserve: Allows you to pursue a civilian career or attend college full-time and still serve your community and country. You can live where you want, receive medical benefits, educational benefits, tuition assistance, and build for retirement. In other words, in the Army Reserve, you can continue your career or education while training close to home and standing ready to serve with your valuable job skills.
3. National Guard: Similar to the Army Reserves but instead of working for nationally part time you actually work for the state part time, and can be activated by any state of
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There is a mixture of genders, about half of the audience are girls and the other half are boys, and also a mixture of ethnicities, there is a variation of ethnicities within the audience, but most of them are white. Every member of the audience may share a few of the same common beliefs with another member, however, everyone is different when it comes to their beliefs on certain situations. The audience members consist of college students and I believe that my topic will relate to several members of the audience because many of them seem to be in adequate physical shape and also it will intrigue many of them because there are plenty exercise science majors like myself. The physical setting is a classroom type setting with seats lined up in rows facing towards the front of the room and a podium, where the speaker will be speaking in order for everyone to see and be engaged in the

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