What Is The Importance Of Following Orders And Accomplish Assigned Tasks In The Military

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The Ability to follow orders and accomplish assigned tasks with the Military today is essential. No matter the mission there are always direct tasks and implied tasks within the scope of the Army’s mission and all these tasked must be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Our professionalism and dedication to duty is measured by our ability to not only complete the assignments given to us but with a high level of competency and to or above the standards set forth.
Following Orders and Completing Tasks to Standard
This essay is about the importance of following orders as well as completing tasks to standard and why it is necessary and a fundamental part of all military operations. I believe that following the orders given by someone of
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When a task is given out it is expected to be completed before moving on to the next task so that all aspects of the mission can be completed effectively and without fail. As a soldier it is my obligation to not only complete the task, but to report back to higher on its status, proving to my chain of command my current level of competency. It is a failure for not properly completing the tasks or not promptly notifying my chain of command when I am unable to complete a task in the time allotted. It is my obligation to ensure that I improve myself in all areas working to become more proficient and efficient in my duties. If I do not properly follow the orders of my Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) it could be seen as disrespect, failure to follow orders, and in turn that NCO may lose respect for my ability’s as a …show more content…
It is also essential for the group to report back information on where each person is located at all times in case of emergency or if newly posted information needs to be disclosed with any remaining personnel needing to receive that information. The reason why accountability is so important in the military is because in most situations, it can be a matter of life and death. If commanders don 't know the exact location of their troops, or they can 't count on the personnel who is assigned to watch over or to guard them, it will put many lives at risk. To help keep everyone safer, each person must be able to trust the others they work with, in all capacities to do exactly what is expected of them, and what they are trained to do in a given circumstance for safety and effectiveness in combat. Accountability can also be described as being

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