Army Profession Of Arms Essay

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The U.S. Army had been under a magnifying glass since the wars in Iraq and

Afghanistan. As a result, the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff gave

directives that the Commanding General of the Training and Doctrine Command lead a

review of the Army as a profession from changes that had taken place since the

beginning of the wars. The Army as a Profession of Arms is still not defined concretely.

My perception of the Army as a Profession of Arms is that we are citizens,

volunteers, trained to eliminate the enemy, and entrusted with a moral ethic and duty to

serve and protect the rest of the populous of our great nation. We, as volunteers in our

profession, have answered a calling that we are committed to something greater and
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With that calling comes sacrifice and a sense of moral courage

to face danger and adversity unselfishly. Members of our Army’s Profession of Arms

have to be ready to kill and be ready to die for what we believe in. From day one, when

we take that oath to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, development

begins with instilling the values and expertise of those whom have served before us.

We are carrying on a tradition of trust and that we will serve our nation with dignity

and honor. In order for us to remain professional within our profession, we need to

continually develop and grow in the skills necessary to effectively accomplish our

mission in ever-changing conditions.

The Army is a community and culture all its own. There isn’t one type of person

that makes up our Army but a multitude of all types of people with one calling and one

mission. Through on-going education, development, and training our Army will become

a profession of Arms by each Soldier continually taking ownership in what we

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