Roman Tribune In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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A roman tribune is a Roman official whose task is to protect the people against

oppression (Lendering). By oppression they mean protection against any people who try and

come to bring them down or to take them over and have them under their authority. In the fifth

century, the republicans were controlled by aristocrats called patricians (Lendring). What this did

is caused great tensions with two groups: the poor people, who had to request to a patrician judge

against random decisions made by patrician magistrates, and the rich non-patricians, who were

supposed to fight in battle and pay taxes, they were not allowed a vote in the decision about war

and peace and not able to manage the spending of their money (Lendering). In 490 BC these two

groups came together
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But Flavius didn’t care he wanted to take everything down, he wanted nothing to be decorated

for Caesar, he wanted nobody acknowledging Caesar when he came into town. Flavius told

Marullus, “To make you dispers any of the crowds. If we take away his supporters, maybe he

will be more realistic and start trating us fairly, instead of using fear” (Shakespeare). What he is

saying by “using fear” is that’s all Caesar does is use fear or threat people to do what he wants

them to do. He is also saying is that when Pompey was in charge he wouldn’t use fear or threat

his people he would come to a calm conclusion with them.

I think that Marullus and Flavius are worried about Caesar is because they think that he is

going to runin everything that Pompey once created. Like they think that he is going to change

everything and have it go his way. By like not considering the people and there problems, he

would just think about him and his problems and whats good for him and not whats good for

everyone. They also might worry about how hes going to treat crime. Just how he killed

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