Air Force Academy Essay

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I am seeking a nomination to the United States Air Force Academy because I believe it is the best way for me to reach my goal of becoming a leader in our nation’s armed forces. The Academy is a place where I know I will always put my best foot forward. I felt a strong pull towards the academy when I started looking at colleges in 10th grade but attending the summer seminar sealed it in my heart and mind that this is the place where I want to be this fall. I know that, by having the opportunity to take the academy route, I will become a part of something much bigger than myself. The excellent programs at the academy will provide me with the best opportunities to explore my own capabilities. At the Academy, I believe I will be able to push myself past my physical, mental, and emotional limits and become a better me. I understand there are multiple ways one can become part of something bigger than oneself, but …show more content…
I believe a strong armed force is one of the the reasons we are able to enjoy the freedom of celebrating individual culture and openly expressing my background. I want to show my appreciation for all that America has given my family and me by serving this great nation in its armed forces. Being an American Warrior has a sense of honor and pride that cannot be matched by any other kind of service.
The Air Force specifically is where I believe I belong. I find Aerospace technology extremely interesting seeing that it has has advanced our country and mankind as whole in countless ways. Whether it is inside or outside of our atmosphere, the Air Force has brought pride to American citizens by constantly advancing our race with technologies that make our country superior. I have an immense drive towards engineering, and I want to be able to do what I love while also serving my country by being a part of this extraordinary

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