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  • Cartoon Network Advertisement Analysis

    Most people can probably guess that Cartoon Network would have ads primarily directed at children, but what is actually being advertised? I watched Steven Universe, a very colorful and popular show with both children and adults, during the final hour of Cartoon Network’s airtime. Due to Steven Universe and similar shows attracting an older audience, at this time Cartoon Network tends to air episodes that are directed at a slightly older audience. After analyzing the commercials that appeared on Cartoon Network from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., I noticed a disproportionally large amount of advertisements were for movies, and almost all of them used vivid imagery, catchy music, and other peripheral-route appeals. The ads that will be discussed are…

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  • My Influence On My Reading Life

    on the first book, as well. But anyway, that got me back into reading in 5th grade because I found a book I really liked and wanted to read whenever I could in class or at home. I remember even getting in trouble by my teacher ( Mrs. Moan ) because I was reading when she was trying to teach Science. That kinda gave me a bad memory, but the book itself gave me a great one. If though I shouldn’t of been reading dark and twisted books like that in 5th grade. One or two years later I found…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cartoons Vs 2010s

    Cartoons: Retro Versus Modern Many various generations would argue that the cartoons from their childhood are the best cartoons ever made. However, lets focus on more recent cartoon styles such as the 1990s and 2010s. Though I was born in the 90s I have little memory of the 90s so I am not obligated to say that I am a true 90s kid. I am more of a 2000s kid. So, now you’re probably thinking, she’s going to go with the 2010s cartoons being better. However, I did say 2000s; which is in the middle…

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  • Difference Between Animation And Live Action

    Animation and live action are two very different types of films, each kept in a different world and rarely cross over into the other. Cartoons and the animated characters that are crafted for them live in a world that defies logic, normal limitations, and have their own physical laws; it is a world only limited by the imagination of the artists and their tools. The real world, one that people are more familiar with, knows the restrictions and limited possibilities of what a person can do in this…

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  • Robert Gerberg Political Cartoon

    through time in multiple ways like video, songs, writing and through art. Of the many forms of art used to capture situations, cartoons have become a popular type in the most current time. Cartoons have been used since the 1700s to depict different situations in seriousness or humor. Cartoons appear in the form of movies and television shows to bring smiles to its viewers and even in the form of comics to bring out the adolescence in any person. They have been known to entertain the viewers,…

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  • Symbolism Techniques And Contributions: An Analysis Of Two Cartoonists

    Symbolism by definition is the usage of certain objects or signs to stand for bigger meanings, concepts or ideas. In the first cartoon the beaten up man with that head which looks like the earth is a symbol for the earth, the cartoonist meant by that image to show people the bad effects of overpopulation on the earth, and that earth will no longer be able to face this problem or handle its effects. In the second cartoon the earth is being presented by a man or a boy being showered, the…

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  • Cartoon Physics Part 1 Analysis

    Optimism Brought on by Cartoons As a little girl I remember sitting in front of the television watching cartoons. Cartoons, a place where anything was possible, even a flying school bus. Growing up my memories add my sister sitting there next to me, the screen showing talking ponies instead of the old school bus. Even as the cartoon changed, it still had its own message to present, whether it be about the solar system or the magic behind friendship. In Nick Flynn’s lyric poem “Cartoon Physics,…

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  • Diary Of A Part Time Indian Cartoon Analysis

    In Diary of a Part-Time Indian the main character, Arnold uses drawn cartoons to express his view of the world. In a way, it is how Arnold best speaks to the world. He draws cartoons not only for fun, but also to let his voice be heard. Cartoons allow him to tell the world his hopes and dreams as well as his fears and things he hates. The two most pertinent examples of this in my opinion, come in the form of the cartoons Arnold draws when he starts with Reardan, and the almost sacrilegious comic…

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  • Mickey Mouse Adaptation

    “Animation is about not the duplication of life, but the suggestion and illusion of it and especially imposing that illusion onto things that would other have life.” In this literature review, I will look into the importance of adaptation in regards to transforming words into animated stories for children. The reasons for me focusing on this is because I find adaptation to be interesting in terms of getting important information across to different age groups, but children in particular as…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Cartoons

    Political cartoons are frequently made by artists to express their frustration with certain issues, politicians, and sometimes even the public as a whole. What initially appears to be a simply humorous cartoon is actually so much more. In these two cartoons, two completely unrelated issues are addressed: the Flint water crisis and global warming. Yet, both topics are discussed by displaying criticism that natural disasters are frequently disregarded until one’s career is at stake and even then,…

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