Alice In Wonderland Analysis

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an 1865 novel written by Lewis Carroll which tells the story of Alice, a girl who goes on an adventure in Wonderland in a dream. The novel, usually shortened to Alice in Wonderland, falls into the fantasy genre. The novel main setting is in the fantasy world, where Alice finds herself inside a rabbit hole and Wonderland. The setting in the beginning and the ending of the story, however, is in the river bank. Carroll divided the book into twelve chapters, each taking the audience through Alice’s fantasy world while in her dreams. In this paper, I present a brief summary as well as analysis of Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
The story begins in the real world where Alice fell asleep by the riverbank
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When she tried to cool herself with the rabbit’s fan, she started shrinking and fell on a pool of salty water which she realized were her tears. Alice then began encountering many creatures here, including mice, ducks, and frogs which were all swimming. Then she, also encountered parrots, eagles, and owls which were flying. On the shore, she met other animals including turkeys, colorful lizard, bears, and bunnies among others. The white rabbit insisted that Alice had to work. She met a caterpillar who advised her about the Duchess and the Siamese cat who got offended by Alice’s surprise regarding her ability to laugh. A fish took Alice to the Duchess who then took her to the Queen. Alice got into a conflict with the Queen after she ordered for her to be imprisoned alongside Bill the Hatter. In the end, Alice drank from a bottle, growing tall such that the army could not arrest her. Alice woke up at this point after hearing her sister calling, and told her all about the dream …show more content…
The main character in the novel is Alice, a girl whose dream allows readers to enter the fantastical world of Wonderland. From the novel, it is clear that Alice is a kind-hearted girl whose imagination is powerful. Alice actions and description from her sister indicates that she is loving and aware of her surroundings in manner that promotes harmonious communication with her environment. Alice’s sister is the other real character in the novel, appearing in the beginning and end of the novel. The white rabbit is a character in Alice’s dream who seems to be always in a hurry and overwhelmed by the many tasks he has to perform. The white rabbit was loyal to the Duchess and saved Alice from being

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