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  • Carolina Panthers Reaction Paper

    On Wednesday the Carolina Panthers sent shockwaves through the NFL world when they decided to resend the franchise tag on cornerback Josh Norman making him an unrestricted free agent free to sign anywhere. Personally I think the Panthers made the right move in letting Norman walk and I think it will benefit the franchise presently and in the long run. The Panthers sent a strong message with this move showing they will not be pushed around and/or mortgage the future success of the franchise for a player that doesn't seem to have the right mindset for this organization. Especially with just one Pro bowl season and by all accounts a questionable attitude. Prior to last year's breakout season Norman, if I recall correctly he was in the doghouse with Coach Rivera and he didn't play much his first couple of seasons. I understand a player wanting his payday after being productive on the field, but it was just one season and…

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  • Efficiency In The NFL

    This dataset records every single play from the 2015 regular season and breaks each play into over 60 categories. During the 2015 regular season, without a doubt, the most successful team was the Carolina Panthers. Lead by Cam Newton and a stifling defense, the Panthers dominated their schedule, finishing the with 15 wins and only one loss (best in the NFL). After putting them through my model, I found that they also had the highest YLS% at 80.8%. Despite their offensive and overall success, Joe…

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  • Carolina Panthers Research Paper

    Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. After the Panthers’ much-needed 30-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday, Newton threw down the gauntlet against NFL officiating crews for putting his safety in jeopardy with missed calls on questionable hits. However, Newton’s claims have already been debunked. Henceforth, he should focus on adjusting his game to mitigate the hits he does experience instead of…

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  • Criteria For A Well Established Colony In The Early 1600s

    The Carolinas would have been a good choice for multiple reasons one of which colonist were given headrights by the government for moving to Carolina. A headright means they were given land for settling in the area with this land would make it easier to start a farm or plantation in order to become prosperous. The Carolinas’ land was very fertile and good for growing crops and there was also a harbor making trading an easier task. The land was especially fertile in South Carolina so I would…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Charlotte City

    Location- Charlotte, North Carolina Description of Area- The Charlotte Metropolitan area ranks 22nd largest in the US. Charlotte, North Carolina 's largest city and the seat of Mecklenburg County, is located in the southern part of the state near the South Carolina border. Charlotte is also home of the NFL Carolina Panthers, and the NBA Charlotte Hornets which play at the Bank of America Stadium and the Time Warner Cable Arena. Along with hundreds of restaurants and attraction throughout the…

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  • Essay On The Differences Between North And South

    celtics) they are we still love them. and we will fight anyone who says otherwise. even though that is dumb that is just how stubborn Bostonians are. In North Carolina college sports is where it is at. North Carolina has the Carolina Panthers which they share with South Carolina. So instead they root for Duke or the Tar Heels. Within the state there is a rivlerry between the schools. In Boston we grill everything and anything. In the summer we have grill offs. The food is grilled, smoked,…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Professionalism

    every college student I plan on working extremely hard for the highest G.P.A possible. I have started off my freshman year on the right foot and hopefully I continue on the right path towards success. This school year with the help of my peer leader and my academic mentor, I have decided to also major in sports management due my passion of analyzing sports as well as managing the business side of things. Additionally, I have greatly appreciated my student mentors and shown me that leadership is…

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  • Centurion Tank Analysis

    would be to design a far superior tank compared to the German counterparts; however, this project did not reach completion until the end of the war in 1945 (Ware 36). This tank design became known as the Centurion tank. Even though World War II ended, the Centurion eventually demonstrated its worth in various subsequent wars and proved to be a valuable asset in the arms race between NATO and the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Overall, the British Centurion tank became the most effective and…

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  • The 1960's: The Black Panther Party

    innocent black men and women. The violence of the police was a growing problem that African Americans would no longer tolerate. The Black Panther Party (BPP) was born in hopes of gaining true justice for blacks. “The Panthers were born at a time when police violence went largely unreported, and political assassinations were as much a staple of the daily news as shootings at schools and malls are today. It was a group of utopian visionaries who sought to serve the oppressed and underserved…

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  • Big Cats Research Paper

    lifestyles. The Florida panther has been especially affected by these obstacles. In the November 1997 issue of National Parks, Yvette La Pierre’s description of the Florida panther in her article entitled “On the edge: Florida panthers, which once roamed the southeastern states, have been reduced to one population” is sad because it reveals that the Florida panther population has been greatly harmed as a result of pollutants, habitat loss, and inbreeding. Pollutants have been an especially…

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