Carolina Panthers Research Paper

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Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. After the Panthers’ much-needed 30-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday, Newton threw down the gauntlet against NFL officiating crews for putting his safety in jeopardy with missed calls on questionable hits.

However, Newton’s claims have already been debunked. Henceforth, he should focus on adjusting his game to mitigate the hits he does experience instead of looking for someone to blame.

SuperCam was under a lot of heat from the Cardinals’ chippy defense all afternoon, but the main call in question was when Arizona’s Calais Campbell launched himself at Newton’s legs while he was standing in the pocket.
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According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL claims that 11 quarterbacks have missed out on roughing the passer calls more than Newton since 2013, including other big-name players like Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck and Joe Flacco.

As expected, Newton’s comments have also opened him up to rebuttals from other players like the Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert. In an interview with ESPN, Gilbert brushed off Newton’s belief by affirming that Roethlisberger was constantly getting hit earlier in his career — The only difference being, Big Ben didn’t voice his concerns publicly.

Gilbert went on to say that a superstar like Newton, especially one that’s as so quick to celebrate as he is, invites more vicious hits his way. Not to mention, Gilbert added that Newton’s stature may make the league’s undersized defensive players tasked with tackling him feel unsafe as well. Yet, just like with Roethlisberger, you don’t hear them complaining.

Newton is making a critical error in judgment. He sees the problem as external — as someone else treating him unfairly. What Newton fails to realize is, his mobile style of play puts him behind the 8-ball when he wants to be treated like other players in the

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