What Are The Effects Of Concussions In Football

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It is not hard to guess what the most watched event is on TV. Just in case you didn’t know it’s football and that is why overcoming the concussion crisis in the NFL is near impossible. How would you feel if someone snatched away your favorite TV show and told you they’re canceling it because it was too dangerous to film? You probably wouldn’t be too happy as the viewer or as the owner of the show. The safety and value of an athlete’s life is being put in jeopardy because of viewers wants and owners wants. Another major problem is people just don’t really understand the repercussions of getting a concussion. Sure, people here it all the time that it’s not good to get a concussion. However, they do not understand the long term implications and life altering effects it can really have on one’s life. These are some of the many points John Affleck points out in his article: “If football is deadly, why do we still watch?”.
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Bennet Omalu’s discovery of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in 2002 after examining NFL Player Mike Webster’s brain. Even after Dr. Omalu made his discovery the NFL repeatedly denied that concussions were linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The NFL’s Mild traumatic brain injury committee went after Omalu’s paper and demanded Neurosurgery retract his paper. It took several more athletes to kill themselves and their brains to be examined before people started to realize the true effects concussions can have. In 2005 Terry Long and Andrew Waters killed themselves. Their brains were examined by Dr. Omalu and found to have CTE. It took until 2009 for a league spokesman of the NFL to acknowledge there is potential for long term problems with concussions. Shortly after many lawsuits were filled. From 2009 many game changes have been made. In 2013, The lawsuits from former players suing the NFL are consolidated and settled, with the NFL paying out $765 million without admitting

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