Newark Panthers Research Paper

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The Newark Panthers made it to the Super Bowl! It is the most exciting game of their season. They had a chance to get a super bowl ring that said Newark Panthers Super Bowl Champions 1956. If they win this, they could hold a record for the most losses in a regular season, but win the Super Bowl. The Newark Panthers head coach, Kyle Shanahan made each practice harder than the last one so, by the last practice every player was tired and ready to beat the New York Giants their biggest rivals at the Yankee Stadium. The Newark Panthers arrived at the Yankee Stadium for a game they knew would be tough.
The captains were Luke Williams and Jerry Rice. Luke Williams is a rookie quarterback out of the University of Clemson. Jerry Rice is on his sixth
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He juked a defender, bounced to the outside and returned the ball back to the other end-zone for a touchdown! The Panthers have an early lead on the Giants already. The next play, the Newark Panthers kicked it off to the Giants. They decided to kneel the ball, which started their drive at the twenty yard line. When the defense came onto the field, the New York Giants dominated the field with catch after catch, and run after run. They couldn’t be stopped. With five seconds left in the first quarter and at the three yard line, Eli Manning threw a pass to star wide receiver Cole Beasley. Cole Beasley dove into the back of the end-zone and reached his arm out for the ball as time ran out, and caught it for a touchdown! The game was now tied 7-7.
In the second quarter, the Giants kicked off to the Panthers. Marshall Faulk caught the ball in the endzone, and kneeled the ball to spot them at the twenty yard line. This was the first time Luke Williams got to call a play for the super bowl. The first play, Luke Williams scrambled out of the pocket because the line didn’t hold their blocks. Luke Williams attempted a throw to Jerry Rice, but after he released the ball, Jason Pierre-Paul came in and made head to head contact with Luke Williams, leaving him on the ground in

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