Racism In The Titans

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The Titans were an all-white football team in Alexandria, Virginia. The main characters in the movies are Coach Boone, Coach Yoast, Gary, Julius, Petey, and Blue. The Titans have not had a successful season, so the school board decided to hire Coach Boone as the head coach. Boone is a black coach from North Carolina, where he coached a high school football team and won many different championships. He moved his family to Alexandria, Virginia to take on the job of replacing the head coach of the titans. The school board had hired him because he had won multiple championships in North Carolina. The school board didn’t think that Coach Boone would make it out of training, so they told Coach Yoast that he will be in the Hall of Fame if Coach Boone lost any games during the season. Throughout the movie Coach Boone had to deal with racism within the community but he also helped in building the player’s character within the team. Which resulted in a winning team on the field and off the field. At the end of the movie Coach Boone brought together a racially diverse team and coached the titans to an undefeated …show more content…
For example, after the team had won their first game some of the team members decide to go out and celebrate. While out celebrating Petey started to brag about how he had the winning game ball. When another teammate had commented about how he was always bragging, Gary said to them don’t worry “they” like to brag. Julius took Gary using the word “they” as him referring to black people. Another sign of ethnocentrism is when Coach Boone took Petey out of the game. Coach Yoast then went up to Petey and asked him to play for the defense team. Later on after the game Coach Boone said that he felt like Coach Yoast was crippling the black players and not the white players. This is where Coach Yoast had experience cultural shock because he realized that he was really crippling the black players but not the white

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