Themes In Remember The Titans

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“How does the film ‘Remember the Titans’ enhance your understanding of the world?”
The 2000 film ‘Remember the Titans’ directed by Boaz Yakin, has many themes that enhance our understanding of the world. Some of the themes used in this film to demonstrate this argument are racism, change and overcoming challenges in life. Most of us go through these situations in life proving how ‘Remember the Titans’ improves our understanding.
Racism is one of the most recurring themes in ‘Remember the Titans’ since this film is based in 1971 as racism was widely seen then. An example of racism is when Louie sits down at lunch with Julius and his friends. When they see Louie sit with them all their facial expressions are shocked and confused. Louie though,
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Gerry’s mother does not approve of his and Julius’ friendship which is clearly shown in this scene. “Mama just give him a chance.” “I don’t want to give him a chance.” Is what Gerry’s mother says to him, from the stern tone in her voice and challenging look on her face shown in a close up of her, gives off that she is not just going to change her views and opinions that easily. Gerry doesn’t argue with his mother because that was the way he was brought up, not to disrespect his family, in the close up of Gerry you can see that he is truly disappointed that his mother won’t accept his friendships but he also have a look of defeat from not wanting to upset his mother. These two examples prove that if society doesn’t approve of something, in this case African Americans and white Americans being equal that society will do anything to split these two races apart, no matter how close the two may be to each …show more content…
“If you continue to ignore each other we’ll go to four-a-day practice.” Coach Boone says to the team as he wants them to come together as a team and overcome their hatred towards each other. A mid-shot is focused on Coach Boone as he speaks, this shows his leadership, as for the camera angle of the Titans, they are shown in a long shot and the camera switches to each different table and displays the team’s upset and irritated faces. Another example of overcoming challenges is when Coach Boone takes the Titans to the Gettysburg war sight. He uses a historical allusion to reflect on the worlds past events and refers to the world they are in today. “’Hatred destroyed my family. '’ You listen and you take a lesson from the dead. If we don 't come together right now, then we, too, will be destroyed. Just like they were. I don 't care if you like each other or not, but you will respect each other, and maybe, I don 't know, maybe we 'll learn to play this game like men.", this is what Coach Boone says to the boys, meaning that even now they are still fighting the same war they were back then and that they, the Titans should be the ones to change this for the future of the world around

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