Lambeau Leap Persuasive Essay

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Should the Lambeau Leap be banned?
The Lambeau Leap began on December 26, 1993 (Chris Chase). LeRoy Butler (former Green Bay Packer) forces a fumble, picks up the ball and runs a touchdown for twenty-five yards (Chris Chase). With excitement, LeRoy Butler leaps into the arms of happy Green Bay Packer fans at Lambeau Stadium. From this moment, the tradition of The Lambeau Leap starts (Chris Chase). This tradition allows Packer fans to interact with the player who fight each and every Sunday for the city of Green Bay. But looking at the rules and regulations of the National Football League, technically, the Packer tradition should not be tolerated. Other teams in the National Football League can do something minor like clapping, and receive
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Early in that game Aaron Rodgers (the quarterback for the Packers) threw a touchdown pass to future Hall of Fame receiver, Donald Driver (Chris Chase). Seconds after the touchdown, Donald Driver ran to the fans and did the signature Lambeau Leap. He looked almost identical to LeRoy Butler in 1993. The crowd was already screaming as loud as they could, but when Donald Driver converted the Lambeau Leap successfully, the stadium absolutely erupted. Later in the third quarter, Christian Ponder (the quarterback for the Vikings) threw a touchdown pass to the Vikings tight end, Kyle Rudolph (Chris Chase). Rudolph handed the ball to the referee, and decided to perform his own version of the Lambeau Leap (Chris Chase). Packer fans were not very excited to see Rudolph’s actions. Neither was the referee. The referee threw his flag for excessive celebration and charged the Vikings with a fifteen-yard penalty (Chris Chase). Kyle Rudolph being flagged was completely fair and what happen was very acceptable for the National Football League and the referees. No one should ever think that they could do what we do, we started the Lambeau leap so we should be the only ones able to do it. If any of the National Football League teams want to celebrate with their fans they should definitely invest in a new way to do

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