Persuasive Essay On Into The Wild

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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” - John Muir. For a young Chris McCandless who was unsure of his identity and struggling with family issues, it makes sense that he turned to the outdoors in an effort to find clarity and purpose. Chris grew up in a fairly wealthy home, with a seemingly ideal life. His parents gave him everything he ever wanted and more monetarily, however there was always a disconnect between them. After his father’s affair, Chris seemed to view all of their gifts as bribery, and as a result, rejected them. This lead to a mutual lack of understanding between Chris and his parents, which no doubt was part of what drove Chris to the wild.
There is a small part in every human that has a desire to “break out of the box” in some aspect of their life. Whether that box is of their own creation, or constructed by the expectations of others, it’s only natural that humans feel pressure to some extent in their lives. Over time, that pressure can become overwhelming, and, like in Chris’ case, can cause an individual to run. “Chris was fearless even when he was little” (Krakauer 109) and he loved the outdoors, but it was only when he
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However, I find this belief to be fantastical and mislead. It would have been one thing if Chris had made peace with his inner demons, finally discovered his true identity, and then died a fulfilled man. But, he didn’t. In fact, his journals during his last days show us that he was as conflicted as ever, and that he had still yet to move past old grudges towards real self-growth. The sad reality of Chris’ situation is that he ran from his problems at home to the wilderness, in search of a refuge, however in the end his avoidance of the real problems in his life lead to his death. His story is a true testament to the dangers of denial and a lack of

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