How Is Chris Mccandless Crazy

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Chris McCandless was crazy, he was ignorant in decisions he made and was unprepared for what he wanted. He was smart in the sense that he had an education; but he had almost no common sense. He was to eager to do things he couldn’t and didn’t know how to go about doing. With the background he has he could have easily made himself a new life in Alaska but he made it hard for himself.
Chris had a strong effect on people even though he seemed to care little about them.
Westerberg had only just met Chris and straight away gave him a job and place to stay.
After hearing about Chris’ death “… I only spent a few hours in Alex’s company, it amazes me how much I am bothered by his death.” (67) Chris pushed people away that were trying to help him even take him in as their own. Chris
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Many people agree that Chris was not prepared and not mentally right. There were many angry Alaskans saying things like “ Alex is a nut in my book.”(71) One said “ The author describes a man who has given away a small fortune, forsaken a loving family, abandoned his car and map and burned the last of his money before trasping off into the wilderness west of Healy.”(71) Chris is not crazy for leaving his family; toxic people should be removed no matter who they are. Although he was ungrateful of what he had. With all of the choices he made he was destined to die. “McCandless’ remains weighed sixty‐seven pounds.”(14) In conclusion, even though Chris had positive aspirations about the future in Alaska his outlook on life was all wrong. Not agreeing with society is fine but choosing to leave it completely is madness. There was no way anyone could have believed he would make it. If he was more prepared and used the money he had he could have had all he wanted but

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