Chris Mccandless Search For Identity Analysis

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The Search For Identity, The Dilemma of Chris McCandless One may often question the motives of Chris McCandless as he set off, abandoning his family and friends, without anything, not even a goodbye. The truth lies with Chris Himself. It was no secret to his friends that Chris had changed at Emory, But the discovery of his Father's double life not only brooded resent, but ultimately angered Chris to the point he lost himself. He couldn’t bear the weight of the bigamy his father had taken part in, and he had to flee. The quest to find himself again ultimately led to his untimely demise, but what caused the sudden disappearance of Chris from his family's’ lives. What caused the Chris to so heartlessly ignore his family and their emotions, while …show more content…
What set him apart, were his drastic measures and ingrained personality. People often question his motives for leaving home so abruptly and cutting communication with his parents. Many often say they have sympathy only for his family. He did, in fact, lead himself to his own demise, and in that way the critics are correct. He had willingly trudged headlong into danger for nearly two years. His journey to find himself among the roaring rivers and towering pines of the last frontier had indeed been successful. He found his identity, he had found his place, he had renounced the part of himself that plagued him so fiercely his entire existence. The lack of identity was something he had always carried with him, but he snapped almost two years after the discovery of his father's affairs. He had been scarred, and with his bullheaded stubbornness leading him blindly, he met his demise alone in a bus. However, he had found his identity, and become whole. In death, he left behind the traits that had plagued him most in life. He was not a heartless person, he was just driven by anger and arrogance, He couldn't bear the weight of his family relationships anymore. At the end of his life, Chris is often described as ignorant or plain stupid, but he died a wholehearted, compassionate person who had seen the mistakes he made in wronging his friends and

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