Christopher Mccandless Hero Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Instead of following social norms and living how society, his parents, and those around him told him to, Chris ventured out into the world on his own to live his life by his own rules. Chris did not care what other people thought of him and he did not want to live the way society taught him to. By rejecting money, cars, maps, and other things that could have kept him alive, he proved himself to be an independent and adventurous young man. “I can almost understand why he rejected maps, common sense, conventional wisdom and local knowledge before embarking on his venture. Occasionally when I hear others make fun of Christopher McCandless, I fall quiet” (Sherry Simpson). Simpson views McCandless as a hero because she can relate to how he was feeling and she admires his courage and uniqueness. When Simpson hears people tearing apart McCandless’ every move she is left speechless because she sees him in a completely different way. She sees him as a free spirit rather than a confused idiot. Many of the older generations who hear McCandless story and criticize him wonder “So why does the story of McCandless resonate with so many young people?” (Judith Kleinfeld). This statement shows how the younger groups of people see Chris as a hero because they interpret his story completely differently and view him as a role model. Chris is a hero for younger generations because he sets an …show more content…
The way McCandless executed his journey is questionable and even though it ended up in death, McCandless died in a way that fulfilled his inner desires. Instead of going along with what society teaches and living the exact same way your neighbor lives, McCandless broke the mold of the average American and lived his life based on his own philosophies. McCandless is a hero because he teaches people that you can still be loved and embraced by people even if you decide to live by your own beliefs. McCandless teaches that there is more to life than just going through the same schedule every single day. He teaches that to find inner peace and battle your inner conflicts you have to let go of the fear of being rejected and follow your heart and chase your dreams. McCandless teaches to be adventurous, spontaneous, and courageous and those traits are the characteristics of a true

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