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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a biography. A young man named Christopher Johnson McCandless takes a journey to Alaska to get away from the society and people in his life, like his family. Chris goes to Alaska with no money and the bare necessities to survive in the wilderness. Chris dies because he ended up needing the items he did not have, but Chris did and experienced a lot before he died. Chris makes an identity, which is being stubborn, ungrateful, and only depends on himself and that changes his life and his choices, Chris built his identity by his actions, interest, and values and beliefs.
Chris made his identity by his actions to live life. Chris created a new identity to get away from the life he lived before and so he could not
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Chris’s family and friends gave him a lot, but Chris left them and made very little contact with them even though they did a lot for him and he wanted to go to Alaska and did not tell his parents till later what or where he was going. Chris sent letters to all his friends and family member about how it was gonna be the last time you see me and he said where he was gonna be(Krakauer 68-69). Chris’s sister,Carine McCandless, was very close the Chris and was a big impact in his life. Carine and Chris were both high achievers and they both had fun competing with each other and were good friends(Krakauer 127-131). Leo Tolstoy gave Chris reasons to live on the edge and what the quote means explains or shows the reasoning why Chris wanted to be adventurous and be different. Tolstoy’s quote was about how his life was not calm and was excited and wanted danger and wasn’t made for a quiet life(Tolstoy pdg in Krakauer 15). Chris built his identity which is being ungrateful and stubborn, which affected his interest and his values and …show more content…
Chris was offered a car by his parents as a present of graduated and denied the offer. Chris was being ungrateful and somehow took the present personally,“I can’t believe they’d try and buy me car(Krakauer 24).” Chris left to be alone and one with nature, he wanted no help from other and wanted to be solo. Jim Gallien, gave a ride to Chris, told Chris that he would buy Chris new gear and more supplies because Jim noticed that Chris did not have a lot, but Chris denied and went on to live in the wilderness of Alaska(Krakauer 5-7) . One thing that Chris did not value was family, Chris abandoned his family and sort of made a new family on the road and still did not stay in touch with anyone. Chris sent letters to everyone he has met and some of his family members letters saying how this will be the last time you hear from me(Krakauer 68-69). Chris built his identity of being self ruling and stubborn by her values and beliefs.
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a biography. Chris constructed an identity, being stubborn, unthankful, and independent and that changes his life and his choices, Chris built his identity by his actions, interest, and values and beliefs. Chris left to Alaska to be alone and did not stay in contact with anyone other than sending letters about how it was the last they would hear from Chris. Chris met many people on his journey to Alaska but did not stay in contact.

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