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  • Stuff Matters Chapter Summary

    accept change. The introduction of the collodion balls were received with mixed feelings. On an economic scale, it was much cheaper to produce and was much more accessible to saloons all around the world. However, nitrocellulose is highly flammable. Given the amount of force some players may apply to striking the balls, it is not unlikely that the balls may explode because of the huge spike of energy at the moment of striking. On a societal scale (based off of context of the screenplay), there two obvious ends. There were those who were fascinated with the new material because of an increased quality of living, and those who were apprehensive at such a material that seemed to have no ends of possibilities. Though the situation with the billiard balls may be described as either a failure or valiant attempt, it was through exploration that paved the way for discovery of more applications of plastic. The initial push was due to an extrinsic motivation, i.e. money, but following that extrinsic motivation is usually intrinsic motivation, i.e. curiosity. The trial between Daniel Spill and John W. Hyatt was something that irked me. These type of events are what pulls me back into reality. Though the screenplay was written in the bias of Hyatt, I do believe that he was in the right. Spill seems to have the typical businessmen attitude of chasing profit wherever it may be. Spill’s Xylonite did not work quite right, but Hyatt’s progression of Parkesine did. It brings up the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: An Ideal Beach Resort

    our cyber café is fully equipped with both wired and wireless network system that provides access to the web at all times. We offer guest high speed internet to remain connected and other computer services and gaming. You can purchase wifi cards at out reception area Indoor and outdoor games: treat yourself to the plain old indoor and outdoor games that many have lost touch with. We have a wide range of games such as carom,chess,video games for children , billiards , table tennis ,tennis,…

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