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  • The Fish And The Moose Analysis

    Elizabeth Bishop is one of the world’s most well known poets that has survived the ages with her excellent use of imagery and words to paint her poem as a picture. It is common in Bishop 's poems for her to use a certain style of writing out of habit as it is common in more than one piece, but sometimes that habit seems to creep toward an obsession. With some of Bishop’s poems, it is nice to use these words as a paintbrush on an easel, but for most of her work, it becomes more of a hindrance than a helpful tool. If Bishop had the power to keep her thoughts in control and not let her painting flow free by using words that told her tale instead of using underlying meanings, it might have had a stronger sense of understanding to the reader. Instead, it had an effect of leaving some people in a confused state after reading these hard to understand poems. It seems that most poets have obsessions that can be figured out throughout their work, as most of the time they put this obsession into words. In the case of Elizabeth Bishop, it is possible to see a pattern going on through many of her pieces of work such as The Moose, which helps lead us to the obsession that Bishop does portray. Images that are often repeated in poems, repeat for a reason. In Bishop’s case, their are a few that make an appearance in many of her works such as animals and other non-human entities suddenly appearing, the moon and the sky being made an important part of the story, and the vivid colors used.…

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  • The World Of Double Freak By William Lutz

    Every year, more than 100 million animals are being tested with products to help cure an illness, or are helping to better the life of humans. If these products work, then it is a success, but if they do not work it hurts the animal’s and it puts them in danger. Many may say it is a good thing because the products are being tested before handing them to a human. Animal testing is that it is wrong and dangerous and especially for the safety of medications for human consumption. Many researchers…

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  • Comparisons Of Carole King And Carly Simon

    Carole King and Carly Simon are two of very few female individuals who played critical roles in the popular music scene from the 1950s-1970s. As young women, King and Simon were limited by the social norms of relationships between men and women and stereotypes and expectation for women. While they came from dissimilar backgrounds that yielded different paths to success, it was the claiming of their independence as artists and women that helped them come into their own and allowed them to create…

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  • Carole King Tapestry Analysis

    Beautifully crafted, Carole King’s album Tapestry is a work of art that I am glad that I got the chance to listen to it. To have such wonderfully created music is a gift. I am glad that she shared her own life experiences to create these songs. Unlike Taylor Swift, I feel as if her interpretations are more realistic and meaningful. She has lyrics that provide a realistic outlook on love and life. These songs are able to connect with the listen to a more profound and thoughtful level. With that…

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  • What Is The Tale Of Ophelia

    The Tale of Ophelia There was once a Kingdom in Denmark named Venlighed, meaning kindness. The kingdom was ruled by a fair King and Queen. One day, the King and Queen were blessed with a gift of a daughter, and they named her Ophelia. But something wasn’t quite right with Ophelia. She was born with a deathly illness, so the noble King and Queen asked for the most powerful fairy godmother in the Kingdom. “I do not have the power to cure the princess from her illness, but I can give her a gift to…

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  • Birmingham Church Bombing Research Paper

    “Birmingham certainly still bears the scars of its turbulent past, but today we choose to look beyond those ugly scars,” -Robert Bentley. On September 15, the 16th Street Baptist Church was targeted by the KKK to inflict terror on the black community. The bombing helped bring national support for ending segregation and eventually led to justice for African Americans. Although many people do not know the significance of the Birmingham church bombing, it left an immense impact on America’s…

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  • Do You Remember Birmingham Analysis

    Do You Remember Birmingham? Most every adult in America has heard of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech. Granted, most have never hear more than that line and don't really know much else about the speech, the ministry, or the man. Dr. King gave a lot of great speeches, and they were not just an eloquent group of words. When he spoke, he spoke for purpose and with meaning. Consider this excerpt: "They are the martyred heroines of a holy crusade for freedom and human dignity. And so this…

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  • Civil Rights Movement Essay

    The first event is the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This event took place in Montgomery, Alabama and was led by Martin Luther King Jr and lasted 381 days (Guggenheim). Martin Luther King Jr. asked everyone (mostly African Americans) to boycott riding the city bus and encouraged them to walk. Montgomery city buses started losing money. So after more than a year of boycotting, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on buses is unconstitutional. This event showed the country that when everybody works…

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  • 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Essay

    simply said, “Three minutes.” However, less an a minute later the bomb they had placed went off. The bomb as composed of fifteen sticks of dynamite and was hidden under the steps of the church. These explosion hit the back room and cause five young girls to be flung into the air. “The bomb killed four of the girls : Addie Mae Collins, 14; Carol Denise McNair, 11; Carole Robertson, 14; and Cynthia Wesley, 14. The fifth girl, Sara Collins, was badly injured.” (McBirney, The 16th Street Baptist…

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  • Major Figures In The Civil Rights Movement

    America. One of the most notorious figures in the Civil Rights Movement would have to be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Pastor who took a lot of his ideas of peace from Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. King was really the leader of the entire movement. Martin Luther King Jr was born on…

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